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Our Curriculum is aligned towards the skill needs of the public administration sector, responds to the expectations of potential employers, and prepares students to achieve their future career success increasing their chances of finding and holding jobs both in the public and in the private sectors. Upon graduation, our alumni are each awarded a Bachelor’s degree /licencjat/. Our Curriculum and the respective Plans of Studies have been developed in compliance with the Learning Standards published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. They cover all the components of the learning content that are to be taught over the timeframe of 360 contact hours allotted to the block of compulsory subjects, and over the 220 contact hours allotted to major and elective courses. The total of the class contact hours provided under our Six Semester Program amounts to 1801 for the full-time (regular) studies, and to 1081 for the part-time (extramural) studies. The Curriculum is structured by subject, with a problem-based learning approach.


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Faculty of Administrative Studies ul. Daszyńskiego 17 06-100 Pułtusk Tel.: (23) 692 98 25 (to 27) Fax: (23) 691 90 17 e-mail: wydzial.administracji@ah.edu.pl




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