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The degree programs offered at the Faculty of Sociology enable students to learn about contemporary societies, about the methods of sociological research, about solving community problems (in particular, on the local and regional levels) and about human resources management. What has been given the greatest attention in developing the curriculum is providing students with a firm grasp of social research tools and enabling them to build expertise in developing social research programs.
The educational process is in compliance with the rules governing the Bologna Process. The Faculty participates in the international exchange of students and academic teachers under the LLP Erasmus Program and under the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window: with Germany, Lithuania, Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus.
Foreigners wishing to do their studies at the Faculty of Sociology have two options. The first one involves enrollment under the terms and condition governing studies done by Polish citizens which means three-year courses of study for a bachelor degree upon the completion of which students seeking a master’s degree may elect to pursue under a two-year MA program. The other option involves applying to a university consortium for an EU scholarship under the Erasmus Mundus Program. Successful applicants may, at their discretion, proceed with their studies at the Faculty for a year or more, earning credits in the courses elected under the respective BA or MA degree programs. Each of them is obligated to earn ca. 30 ECTS credits per semester, but not fewer than 60 per year. This conditions crediting such a student by the sending university for the work done by him/her in a given semester or year should the sending university have its ECTS system in place already.


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Contact the Unit


Dean: ks. dr Krzysztof Stępniak
Dean's Office: 06-102 Pułtusk, 36B, Mickiewicza St.
Tel. (48 23) 692 98 50, 692 98 51,




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