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Study in Poland - programme

Университет Экологии и Управления в Варшаве

address: ул. Ольшевска 12
00-792 Варшава
phone: +48 22 825 80 34/35
e-mail: rekrutacja.uk@wseiz.pl    internet: www.ru.wseiz.pl

BSc in Management


Bachelor of Science


3 years



ECTS points



On this field of study particular attention is paid to the financial and human resources and also to the internal communication and impact on the organisational environment, competition and market as well. If you want to have successful relations with the • employees • directors • colleagues • clients, you should choose this field of study! The graduates of the faculty of Management on the basis of Polish diploma can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in business managements from Herzing University (USA).

Within this field of study we offer the following specialisations:
This specialisation is designed for those, who want to work effectively in the international, European and also global markets. The Europeanization and globalisation of our economy are inevitable processes, to which the companies should be prepared, recruiting properly trained managers. Apart from that, on this field of study you will learn custom, tax and financial transfers regulations, which are useful for international exchange between the EU countries and its neighbours – from Russia to Turkey.
Tourism and Hospitality Management,
This is a specialisation for those who want to have success in hospitality management, starting from small apartments, camping, agro-tourism and finishing with luxurious hotels. The students will obtain knowledge about the characteristics of tourism industry and hospitality management, the requirements related to the buildings, the principles of cooperation with tourism agencies and organisations providing tourism services. Theoretical knowledge and skills acquired during the education and practice open for the graduates of this field of study career perspectives on management positions in tourism and hospitality industry.
Trade and Logistics
The fast development of trade in world market demands an increase of the number of qualified specialists with higher education. That is why product delivery services become more and more appreciated. Companies providing logistic services made a revolution in supply chain functioning. This specialisation will help you become valuable specialist in a sales and supply sector, not only in trade companies, but also you will be prepared to be working in logistic companies.
The graduates of this specialisation will be able to use computer and Internet for running their own business, creating functional and interesting websites and web portals. The goal of the studies is to teach how to apply computing technologies in marketing and management, especially taking into consideration distribution and promotion tools. The students will obtain a basic knowledge, which will enable them move smoothly in the social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.
The development of catering services on one hand is connected with the development of tourism and on the other hand, with changes in eating habits. More often we eat meals in the restaurants, during lunch breaks at work, shopping or in a leisure time. Should it be a classic «fast food», which is considered to be harmful to health? Perhaps “fast” meal, which satisfies dietary requirements, shall be served? Or “slow food” might be served quickly? How to run a snack bar and what marketing measures are to be taken, in order to include our new restaurant to the category “exclusive”? If you want to get answer to these questions, you should choose this specialisation.
You will learn how to organise the concerts, sport and cultural events. You will obtain practical skills connected with application of new technologies, logistics, and team management and also law regulations connected with business tourism. You will become familiarised with funding of sources for the culture and how to prepare applications for funding support and how to prepare and account project in compliance with the general requirements. If you want to be a creator of the contemporary culture market, this specialisation is for you!


Registration Fee 15 EUR
Entry Fee 85 EUR
Tuition Fee (per year)2740 EUR


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University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw

education requirements

1. Register online
2. Make the payments (recruitment, entry and tuition fees, fee for issuing visa invitation letter-85 euro)
3. Send the scanned documents to admissions@wseiz.pl (including confirmation of payment, 1st page of the international passport, school certificate with Apostille)
4. Get the invitation to start the education (scan, by post)
5. Obtain visa