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Study in Poland - programme

Медицинский университет в Белостоке

address: Jana Kilinskiego 1
15-089 Белосток, Польша
+48 85 748 55 78
(6-летняя программа MD)
телефон: +48 85 748 54 31
(5,5 -летняя MPharm программа)
internet: umb.edu.pl/en

MPharm Programme in Pharmacy


MPharm (Master of Pharmacy)


5,5 years

ECTS points



Our 5-year undergraduate pharmacy programme leads to the degree of Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) and, after a further 6-month of pre-registration training in an approved pharmacies, to registration as a pharmacist in Poland. The Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Bialystok offers a wide range of opportunities for students. Although the main objective of the Faculty is to provide pharmaceutical education, the School offers numerous research programs. The major scientific interests include new synthetic and natural drugs, evaluation of drug mechanisms, drug toxicity, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic profiles, pharmaceutical technology, medical diagnostics with special emphasis on the assessment of the pathomechanism of neoplastic, inflammatory and metabolic diseases as well as determination of their biomarkers. Students with special interests in a specific field of pharmacy have an opportunity to expand their knowledge as members of Student Scientific Groups. The Faculty cooperates with many other pharmaceutical Universities in Europe and with pharmaceutical companies. These partnerships allow the exchange and practical training of students and teaching staff, join research and educational initiatives. Our MPharm students have a great opportunity to lay a solid foundation for a particular research area. Practical experience in a variety of clinical settings including community pharmacy is emphasized in the MPharm’s course, particularly in the fourth and fifth years. It also gives you the chance to study abroad during the third year and the University takes part in the Erasmus Programme which offers the opportunity for student exchanges.


Admission fee is the amount of 500 EUR - Tuition fee in the amount of 7500 EUR for the 1st year of pharmaceutical studies and 7000 EUR for each year thereafter (2nd - 5th) for students starting in 2017. Obligatory pre-course fee in the amount of 450 EUR. Tuition fees must be paid in full before or at enrollment at the beginning of each academic year.


Contact the Unit


Medical University of Bialystok
Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine Euroregional Center of Pharmacy
ul. Mickiewicza 2D,
15-222 Bialystok, Poland
Phone: +48 85 748 5431
E-mail: dziekfar@umb.edu.pl
“Pharmacy-English Division”




Medical University of Bialystok
Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine

education requirements

Applicants are admitted on basis of their position on the ranking list of candidates. The position on the ranking list is based on the total amount of points achieved in the following:

1) The number of points calculated from their grades recorded in the official high school transcript/maturity certificate/and on the candidate request, grades recorded in the other certificates (SAT subject test exam or other post-graduate university courses). Two grades out of the following four subjects are required and taken for evaluation: Chemistry (obligatory) and Biology, Physics or Mathematics. One of required subjects has to be taught at least 4 semesters in high school or at the advanced level.
2) The number of points achieved during an interview based on English language proficiency, motivation and predisposition for Pharmacist profession and the knowledge of selected subjects.

other requirements