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Университет Лазарского

address: uul. Świeradowska 43
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 543 53 68
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl    internet: www.lazarski.ru

BA in Management (Logistics Specialisation)




6 semesters



ECTS points



Every organisation needs good managers – whether it is a government institution, a non-profit organisation, a private business or a multinational corporation. Through the BA in Management programme at Łazarski University, you will gain the skills necessary to operate in complex and difficult work environments with the use of active participation methods: discussions, case studies and workshops. You will learn the basics of organizational, financial, and human resource management, and will build the foundation necessary to launch a successful and meaningful career.
This specialisation reflects the best educational programmes and practices of world universities specialising in logistics. You will learn the importance of relations between the logistics management and production chains, as well as between marketing strategies and finances. You will be taught the optimization of logistical processes in enterprise what allows to improve significantly an enterprise’s profitability and return on investment. During your studies, particular emphasis will be placed on logistics solutions that relate to the movement of goods on the market, which will prepare you to successfully pursue a career in the world’s leading international companies.


Candidates from EU, Ukraine, Belarus: 6 720 pln
Candidates from outside the EU: 1 600 euro


It will be available on our website: www.lazarski.pl


International Recruitment:
43 Swieradowska St.,
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 543 53 68
fax: +48 22 543 53 68
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl




Lazarski University

education requirements

• High School diploma
• English-language level at least B2