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Силезский университет в Катовице

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BEng in Materials Science and Engineering





ECTS points



General description
Materials Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of science, which analyses the influence of materials’ chemical and physical structure on their electrical, mechanical, optical, surface, chemical, magnetic and thermal properties as well as on various combinations of those properties. Materials engineering comprises a number of modern physical and chemical research techniques, which may be used to characterise both the structure and properties of materials. These techniques aim at studying the influence of structure on materials properties, in particular those, which are practically used in various technologies. This enables working out methods of obtaining materials featuring precisely defined practical properties. These studies influence not only the planned structure of end products but also help to develop effective methods of their production and processing. The research carried out within materials engineering leads to working out new materials, although it is commonly applied also to improve materials already used.
Speciality: Materials Science
The education contents delivered within the ‘materials science’ speciality enable educating specialists equipped with the knowledge of the most recent achievements of physics, chemistry and metallurgy related to obtaining modern materials and modelling them, taking into account the modern manufacturing technologies (e.g. nanotechnologies). Graduates of this speciality have the skill of comprehensive functional assessment of diverse material groups, of current analysis of their practical parameters, important for the processes of materials manufacturing and processing for specific applications. Students during the studies acquire the skill of using the scientific-technical information and have the knowledge allowing an efficient communication with teams of people. Graduates have the knowledge of IT and IT systems implementation, are prepared to participate in the work that requires the application and obtaining of modern materials, in industry, in research and service establishments as well as in small and medium-size enterprises. Moreover, having an in-depth knowledge of basic sciences and general knowledge of materials technology, they are capable of effective communication both with engineers employed in business entities and organisations and also with the scientific staff working on modern materials.
Speciality: Biomaterials
The ‘Biomaterials’ speciality extends and makes the hitherto offer of Materials Engineering studies more attractive. The education contents delivered within the speciality are oriented towards the specific nature of materials for application in medicine, stomatology and veterinary science. The progress continuing in medicine imposes higher and higher requirements on biomaterials properties, including their biocompatibility. The main issues related to biomaterials include: materials choice for implants and their applications, the influence of a living body environment on the implant behaviour, basic assumptions of bioavailability, tissue reaction mechanisms, biophysical, biochemical and biomechanical requirements imposed on implants, corrosion and abrasion as well as degradation of diverse biomaterials, technologies for surface layers application on implants, implants structural issues. All this forces educating highly specialised employees, scientific and technical staff working on designing, modelling, studying the properties and structure as well as placing biomaterials on the market. Graduates of this speciality will fill the gap existing on the market for a long time, between engineers involved in biomaterials and doctors applying such materials in practice.


€2,300.00 per semester


July, 8th


International Students Admissions Office,




University of Silesia in Katowice

education requirements

The candidate’s secondary school graduation certificate (or another document) has to entitle the holder to undertaking Bachelor studies in the country in which the document was issued.
Note: If former stage of candidate's education was not conducted in English, the candidate is required to submit a certificate of fluency in English on B2 level at least.