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PhD, Sociology




4 years/8 semesters



ECTS points



Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wroclaw, invites candidates to join its English language PhD Programme in Sociology. The programme duration is four years. It comprises of 430 hours (or up to 750 hours if teaching apprenticeship is included), 32 ECTS points. The director of the programme is Professor Marek Magdziak. PhD studies graduate's profile description
A graduate of PhD programme in Sociology will possess advanced knowledge on contemporary processes of social and cultural changes that account for the character of social life. The graduate will be equipped with deepened knowledge on classical and recent sociology to be creatively and critically applied in his/her research activity. S(he) will know and will be able to apply in practice advanced methodologies of quantitative and qualitative empirical research.
Being able to critically analyse naturally occurring sources, being familiar with the latest relevant literature and capable of designing and conducting his/her own original research on an international scale, the graduate will find it easy to function in the European Research Area, including contribution to internationally recognised journals from JCR, applying for European grants dedicated to young researchers and participation in international scientific consortia.
What is noteworthy, and quite rare in the European PhD programmes dedicated for international students, the graduate of PhD studies in sociology will also have practical teaching experience, acquired thanks to obligatory didactic apprenticeship and supervision of the lessons conducted at the Institute of Sociology within the frames of the programme of MA studies "Sociology - Intercultural Mediation". It is going to be helpful at his/her applying successfully, after PhD dissertation defense, for research and teaching posts in Poland and abroad.
The programme features also Polish language classes, which will shape the graduate's profile, since this competence is going to make it possible for the programme's participants to join the Polish scientific teams. Also, teamwork experience obtained within research grants realised by the supervisors can be treated as added value of the programme.
Graduates' complex preparation for entering the labour market will not be limited to academic path only. Modules referring to research methodology, public presentation, preparation of scientific grants, etc. will make it possible for the programme's graduates to successfully look for posts in research and expert institutions in private and public sector.
Apprenticeship-scope and regulations Didactic apprenticeship consists in one's individual conducting classes or-if approved of by the Head of PhD Studies-in participation in classes conducted by academic staff. The apprenticeship includes from 10 to 90 hours per academic year (40-360 hours over four-year studies).
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The rules of recruitment:


3000 Euro for candidates from outside EU
2500 Euro for candidates from EU








University of Wroclaw

education requirements

• certified copies of your Master Diploma,
• certified copies of your academic records,
• certified copies of your English proficiency, check the level here: https://international.uni.wroc.pl/en/study-english/entry-requirements/english-language-requirements
• research proposal
• CV (resume) and motivation letter
• a digital passport photo,
• a copy of the passport,
• a medical certificate,
• confirmation of payment registration fee on University account