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PhD, Political Science




4 years/8 semesters



ECTS points



Institute of Political Science at the University of Wroclaw invites candidates to join its English language PhD Programme in Political Science. The four-year programme comprises of 430 hours (or up to 750 hours if teching apprenticeship is included), 32 ECTS points. The director of programme is Prof. Marek Magdziak. The detailed programme is available here
Contact: Dr Piotr Sula, Vice Director of the Institute of Political Science for Research and International Cooperation
PhD studies graduate's profile description
The graduate of PhD programme in Political Science will be capable of distinguishing certain definitions and approaches to politics in the case of the local, regional, national, European and international domains in a comprehensive and enhanced manner. He/she will be able to demonstrate enhanced and advanced knowledge considering political theory and methodology in the domains of political science, public policy, international relations and European studies.
The graduate will be able to demonstrate an enhanced and advanced knowledge considering a variety of political processes and actions undertaken by decision makers; will be capable of identifying and defining certain concepts (legal, ideological, ethical, religious) that have impact on certain processes and political decisions; will be capable of identifying and providing an in-depth explanation of the surrounding environment (social, cultural, demographic and economic) in which phenomenon occur in the local, regional, national, European and international domains.
The programme will develop student’s research skills as introducing viable research questions and applying an adequate methodology to solve them, critical assessing of the source material, formulating, proving and verifying hypothesis and other outcomes of conducted research, distinguishing the links between the aforementioned phenomenon and apply existing theories and paradigms in the research process, presenting both verbally and in written form the result of the conducted research and apply a proper terminology and language. The programme features also Polish language classes, which will shape the graduate's profile, since this competence is going to make it possible for the programme's participants to join the Polish scientific teams. Students will get the opportunity to contribute to two journals published by the Institute: Polish Political Science Review (in English) and Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne (in Polish). Besides this academic path, the graduate will have also the opportunity to prepare oneself to enter the labour market by participating in the modules referring to public speaking and presentations, research and education projects management, international and intercultural communication, scientific research methodologies and ethics, etc. Apprenticeship-scope and regulations.
Didactic apprenticeship consists in one's individual conducting classes or, if approved of by the Head of PhD Studies, in participation in classes conducted by academic staff. The apprenticeship includes from 10 to 90 hours per academic year (40-360 hours over four-year studies).


3000 Euro for candidates from outside EU
2500 Euro for candidates from EU








University of Wroclaw

education requirements

• certified copies of your Master Diploma,
• certified copies of your academic records,
• certified copies of your English proficiency, check the level here: https://international.uni.wroc.pl/en/study-english/entry-requirements/english-language-requirements
• research proposal
• CV (resume) and motivation letter
• a digital passport photo,
• a copy of the passport,
• a medical certificate,
• confirmation of payment registration fee on University account