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Study in Poland - programme

Люблинский католический университет Иоанна Павла II

address: Al. Racławickie 14
20-950 Lublin
phone: + 48 81 445 42 16
e-mail: study@kul.pl    internet: www.kandydat.kul.pl

BA in Applied Anthropology


BA in Applied Anthropology


3 years (6 semesters)



ECTS points



Applied Anthropology graduates obtain knowledge from a wide-ranging spectrum of scientific disciplines regarding humans (global biological anthropology, linguistics, archeology, social and cultural anthropology and philosophical anthropology). Students choose one specialization: intercultural management or intercultural brokering, in order to be prepared to work in intercultural areas of business, health and education, and for work in humanitarian organizations.
The graduates know one modern foreign language at the level that allows them to translate into a native language (and vice versa), and another (Western) one at least at the elementary level (A2). The graduates also know and use at least one modern language of the non-Western cultures (Arabic / Chinese) at the elementary level (A1) required for everyday communication with representatives of these communities as well as for translation and filling in the basic legal forms imposed by the immigration law (using both English and the language of the local community).
Applied anthropology graduates can select appropriate tools of analysis and interpretation of anthropological problems (social, humanitarian, political, economic, legal and educational), can collect and analyze ethnographic and sociological data, summarize and analyze socio-cultural and philosophical problems, identify their key assumptions and anticipate consequences of activities and inferences.


August 31


The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Candidates and Students Section
Office for Education
Al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin
Phone: +48 81 445 42 16
E-mail: study@kul.pl


Faculty of Philosophy, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

education requirements

Secondary School Diploma

other requirements

Required documents: http://kandydat.kul.pl/en/vademecum-rekrutacji/