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Bachelor, Criminal Justice




6 semesters/3 years



ECTS points



The Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wroclaw, which has been one of the highest-rated places in Poland educating lawyers for many years, is honored to welcome you to our Bachelor program – Criminal Justice.

Studies in the field of Criminal Justice enable the acquisition and making use of comprehensive knowledge in the field of substantive criminal law, law of criminal procedural, criminology, forensic science and related sciences in the sphere of counteracting and preventing crime in social and economic life.

Our Criminal Justice program provides an excellent opportunity to prepare you for working in public and private institutions tasked with ensuring public security and order (among others: police authorities, auxiliary judicial authorities, penitentiary and correctional institutions, government and self-government administration bodies, private institutions dealing with the protection of persons and property). The program puts a special focus on the international aspects of criminal justice which allows graduates to find employment in international organizations or European Union institutions.

The program is designed for maximum flexibility and is open to all international and Polish students.


Non-EU candidates:
1st. Year – 3350 Euro
2nd. year – 3200 Euro
3rd. year – 3200 Euro
EU candidates
2000 Euro / per year


Non-EU candidates – August 15th, 2019
EU candidates – September 15th, 2019


Dr Alicja Sielska




University of Wroclaw

education requirements

1. High School graduation certificate or equivalent with decision about nostrification (learn more about nostrification procedure here)>br> 2. High School transcript of grades
3. Certificate confirming access to higher education in your country
4. Certificate confirming English Language knowledge on B2 level
5. Passport photocopy
6. Digital passport size photo