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Study in Poland - programme

Силезский технологический университет

address: ул. Академицка 2А
44-100 Гливице, Польша
phone: +48 32 237 13 29
e-mail: study@polsl.pl    internet: apply.polsl.pl

MSc in Architecture


Master of Science


1,5 years/ 3 semesters (start on 1st October)



ECTS points



The graduale possesses knowledge and skills within the following scope: architectural design, city planning and conservationist design as well as spatial planning: history and theory of architecture, theory of city planning, chosen elements of fine arts, technical sciences connected with the field of study and humanities. The graduale understands the role of the architectural profession in society, as well as its effect on the quality of the environment. The graduale is prepared: to undertake creative activities within the scope of architectural and cityplanning design: to obtain the Professional licenses required by law: to fulfil independent roles in building projects: to design and manager construction work, especially architectural work: to coordinate work in groups featuring a variety of professions: to conduct project management of architectural and city planning offices: to independently manage a business entity and pursuere serach work. The graduale is prepared for work in: architecture and city planning design offices, administrative offices of state and local authorities, scientific research Institutes and research and development centres, as well as entities chich pro vide consultation services. The is prepared to pursue doctoral studies (third degree).


2200€ for 1st semester ; 1300€ for each subsequent semester


18th August






Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice

education requirements

Applicants for admission to the second-degree studies in the English language:
- minimum average grade obtained from the first-degree studies must equal 4.0;
- admission will be granted according to the applicants ranking list. Applicants for admission to the second-degree studies in the field of architecture must have qualifications obtained in the first-degree courses and competences necessary for the continuation of studies within the framework of the second-degree studies in this field, which were defined in the Effects of Education of the first-degree studies in the field of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology; confirmed by a diploma of engineer architect or engineer of building engineering specializing in architecture and building engineering. In particular, the applicants should:
• have knowledge in the scope of history and theory of architecture and urban planning, fine arts, building engineering and building technologies, construction, building physics as well as architectural designing and urban planning;
• know technical and building regulations as well as methods of organization and procedures of the investment process;
• have skills of gathering information, shaping the human living environment in accordance with utility needs (including the needs of the disabled) as well as creation of designs meeting aesthetic, utility and technical requirements;
• know the building law as well as the rules of economics, organization of the investment process and designing process in Poland and in other member states of the European Union;
• know a foreign language at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by the Council of Europe.

other requirements

Portfolio in A3 format, in a horizontal layout, in a soft binding, stapled permanently along the short side, should contain: title page with candidate data: name(s), surname and three legibly separated thematic parts.
in part I – three selected course projects completed during the first-cycle studies (it is acceptable to present course projects made as a team-work; be aware of stating the percentage share of each co-author) and the graphic part of the Bachelor diploma project, in part II – competition projects, the results of participation in workshops, projects prepared during professional practices (together with stating the percentage share of the candidate the scope of work that he performed in presented projects), other achievements related to the discipline of architecture and urban planning, including: participation in the Erasmus program, presentations at conferences, publications of scientific articles, etc.
in part III – organizational and other achievements (activities in science clubs, student organizations, students’ government, volunteering etc.).
The portfolio should be prepared in Polish or in English. Note: Awards and prizes in competitions and achievements in other areas should be documented with copies of diplomas obtained by the candidate. The portfolio should be accompanied by references signed by the Dean of the candidate’s first-cycle study University or two university teachers. Documents issued by employees of institutions and enterprises should be labeled with an appropriate stamp.
Scans of the above documents and works for recruitment needs to be attached in JPG or PDF format (10% compression, 300 dpi resolution) via the form: apply.polsl.pl/. Original works should be submitted to the Faculty of Architecture Dean’s Office together with original certificates and diplomas, before the beginning of the academic year. The authorities of the Faculty of Architecture reserve the right to verify the authenticity of submitted documents and the work of candidates in the form chosen by them (for example, the candidate performs a given enclosed exercise), after applying for a candidate at the Faculty.