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Study in Poland - programme

Краковская Политехника

address: ul. Warszawska 24,
31-155 Kraków, Poland
phone: +48 12 628 30 44
+ 48 12 628 20 09
e-mail: bwm@pk.edu.pl    internet: iro.pk.edu.pl

MSc in Chemical Technology (specialization in Innovative Chemical Technologies)




2 years (4 semesters) or 1.5 year (3 semesters) The programme starts in late February or 1st of October



ECTS points



The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology invites foreign students to enroll on 3 or 4-semester master studies in English for a major in Innovative Chemical Technologies (ICT).

Major and specialization courses related to industrial catalysis, organic and inorganic technology, production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, modern biotechnologies and analytical methods in chemical technology will be carried out from the 2nd to the 3rd semester of the studies.




5th February – 3 semesters program
31st July– 4 semesters program


Ms. Anna Dębska
+48 12 628 30 44


http://iro.pk.edu.pl; http://syllabus.pk.edu.pl/plan/show/html.pk?id=2259


Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology Cracow University of Technology

education requirements

The following documents are to be submitted by candidates applying for admission to MSc programmes:
1. Application Form available on http://iro.pk.edu.pl
2. BSc degree.
3. Official confirmation of legality of applicant’s BSc degree.
4. Official certificate confirming that applicant’s BSc degree allows them to apply for admission to MSc studies at all universities in their country.
5. Official Transcript of Records with a legend of marks.
6. Copy of applicant’s passport.
7. Official confirmation of the English language knowledge.
8. A photocopy of visa or temporal residence card, or permanent residence card, or other document that allows the applicant to stay in the Republic of Poland for the period of their studies.
9. A photocopy of personal insurance plan for the period of studies in the Republic of Poland – to be submitted upon the commencement of classes at CUT.
10. A digital colour photo (JPEG file, 236 x 295 pixels).

other requirements

1. Submission of required documents listed in the application procedure
2. Online test on Moodle platform - the date of the test will be announced shortly
3. Bachelor degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering of chemistry-related discipline
4. Completion of a bachelor program in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or a chemistry- related discipline, equivalent to 210 ECTS credits, at the level of not less than 60% of maximum grade points in each credited course.