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Study in Poland - programme

Университет Лазарского

address: uul. Świeradowska 43
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 543 53 68
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl    internet: www.lazarski.ru

BA in International Relations and European Studies (single degree)




6 semesters



ECTS points



International Relations is one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing areas of multidisciplinary social science studies on all levels, and is an ideal field of study for people who are curious about the world and who wish to exert an influence on the social and political realities of global affairs. We offer International Relations in one of the best possible observation points: Warsaw, between Berlin and Moscow, Brussels and Kiev, Stockholm and Budapest. Here the West encounters Eastern Europe, and different traditions and interests meet. Poland is by far the largest new member nation of the EU and the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) after being a key part of the former Soviet bloc. Poland’s complete political and economic transition became an internationally recognised success worth studying. Here, you will not only learn about this, but you will also perfect your analytical skills, which will allow you to succeed in jobs that require strong investigative, diagnostic, and critical thinking abilities. Graduates of this programme will also develop skills that will help them work effectively in teams and communicate successfully in an international environment. This programme combines fundamental theoretical knowledge with developing strong personal competencies in fields such as management, accounting, economy, communication and law. You can begin your education with bachelor’s studies and then pursue a master’s degree offered at Lazarski University.


Candidates from EU, Ukraine, Belarus: 6 300 pln
Candidates from outside the EU: 1 500 euro


Contact the Unit


International Recruitment:
43 Swieradowska St.,
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 543 53 68
fax: +48 22 543 53 68
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl




Lazarski University

education requirements

• High School diploma
• English-language level at least B2

other requirements

It will be available on our website: www.lazarski.pl