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Study in Poland - programme

Университет Лазарского

address: uul. Świeradowska 43
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 543 53 68
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl    internet: www.lazarski.ru

MA in International Relations (Single Degree)




4 semesters



ECTS points



International Relations is about the world in which we live collectively, and the manner in which it has and continues to change. It considers the choices that political actors – from governments to citizens to international institutions – make and the structures and constraints under which they make them. For instance, Europe has united in a way unprecedented in history and unique in the world. Of a continent with nearly fifty sovereign nations, old and new, twenty-seven have already joined the European Union, rejecting their imperial and totalitarian legacies, and instead building a democratic community founded on the ancient ideals of freedom, justice and solidarity. The EU is the world’s largest integrated market and the biggest exporter. It also is a great centre of human capital and culture, and of the vital dialog between West and East, North and South. Thus, an MA in International Relations offers the ideal opportunity to not only obtain a deep insight into such processes, but also into the ways that people conceive the world as they believe it might be and the realities with which they struggle in trying to make it so.


Candidates from EU, Ukraine, Belarus: 6 300 pln
Candidates from outside the EU: 1 500 euro


It will be available on our website: www.lazarski.pl


International Recruitment:
43 Swieradowska St.,
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 543 53 68
fax: +48 22 543 53 68
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl




Lazarski University

education requirements

• BA degree from an accredited university
• English-language level at least B2