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Study in Poland - programme

Экономический университет во Вроцлаве

address: Komandorska Street 118/120
53-345 Wrocław, Poland
phone: +48 71 368 09 82
+48 71 368 08 36
e-mail: international@ue.wroc.pl    internet: www.ue.wroc.pl

MBA Executive Study Program in Management


2 academic years (4 semesters)




The four-semester, part-time Executive MBA Programme first commenced in 1993 offering executive management general training to mid- and senior-level managers of Polish and foreign organizations and companies operating mainly in Southwest Poland. Two years later an international option of the Executive MBA Programme has been launched as a joint Tempus project of the following European universities:
Limburgs Universitair Centrum (Belgium),
EUROMED Marseille Ecole de Management (France),
University of Limerick (Ireland),
Wrocław University of Economics (Poland).
Aims and Objectives: The overall aim of the Executive MBA Programme is to provide managers and executives with an integrated vision of an organization in a competitive economy and to deliver knowledge and skills required to recognize and approach business decision problems, and to solve them in a changing environment.
Course Structure: The Master’s Degree in Executive Business Administration is a two-year, part-time programme commencing in October. It takes place on alternate Fridays and Saturdays. The courses are divided into 4 broad categories:
- foundation,
- core,
- integration,
- orientation


EU citizens: 6000 PLN/academic year, 100 PLN admission fee
Non EU citizen: 2,500 EUR/academic year plus 200 EUR as a registration fee (paid once)


Prof. dr hab. Ewa Konarzewska – Gubała e-mail: ewa.konarzewska-gubala@ue.wroc.pl Tel./Fax: +48 71 368-03-58
mgr inż. Anna Gajda e-mail: anna.gajda@ue.wroc.pl Tel./Fax: +48 71 368-06-36


Wroclaw University of Economics

education requirements

Bachelor or Master Diploma, good language skills