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Study in Poland - programme

Польско-Японская Академия Информационных Технологий

address: ul. Koszykowa 86
02-008 Warszawa, Poland
phone: +48 22 58 44 590
e-mail: rekrutacja@pja.edu.pl    internet: www.pja.edu.pl/ru

BSc in Computer Science


Bachelor of Science


3,5 years (7 semesters) - full-time
4 years (8 semesters) - extramural weekend, extramural Internet-based



ECTS points



The education at The Faculty of Information Technology consists of two parts: obligatory basic education and elective courses based on the specialisation chosen by students. Academic groups are formed to include 15–18 people max. All classes take place in laboratories equipped with new and up-to-date computers (MAC and pcs).
Students can expand their knowledge and skills participating in special interest groups, hackathons, as well as international competitions.


Entrance fee: 1000 PLN
First year of studies:
13800 PLN (studies in Polish) - full-time
15800 PLN (studies in English) - full-time
10500 PLN (studies in Polish) - extramural Internet-based
11000 PLN (studies in English) - extramural Internet-based


Applications are accepted from May to September for all studies, and additionally from January to February for extramural Internet-based studies


Language of instruction: either English or Polish


Recruitment office
address: ul. Koszykowa 86, 02-008 Warszawa
phone: +48 22 58 44 590
e-mail: rekrutacja@pja.edu.pl




Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

education requirements

A set of documents and interview (to verify the candidate's level of the English language)

other requirements

1. a signed application for admission
2. school leaving certificate - original. In the case a candidate has taken examinations other than the Polish matura, we require also a sworn translation and nostrification and apostille (if necessary);
3. copy of an official ID (to be confirmed by us against the original);
4. 1 digital photography uploaded to the enrolment portal
5. copy of payment for the qualifying interview (75zł). Payment should be made to your individual account number - see the profile on the registration portal.