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Варшавский политехнический университет

address: Plac Politechniki 1
00-661 Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 234 50 91
(Studies in English)
+48 22 234 60 39
(Studies in Polish)
e-mail: students@cwm.pw.edu.pl    internet: www.pw.edu.pl

MSc in Biotechnology


Master of Science


3 semester (1,5 years)



ECTS points



Applied Biotechnology is carried out by Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering and Faculty of Chemistry (Institute of Biotechnology). Speciality program is focused on education on industrial biotechnological processes, however it contains also elements of chemical biotechnology as well as microbioanalytics.
Master degree program contains wide range of specialist subjects (modelling of bioprocesses, regulation of biotechnological processes, separation processes in biotechnology, laboratory of technological and biotechnological processes, biotechnology of natural resources, etc.), which, together with bioanalytical and selective subjects (bioanalytics, sensors and biosensors, microbioanalytics) constitute interesting offer for students.
Speciality program is focused on education of specialists prepared for employment in many biotechnological branches of industry (e.g. pharmaceutical, food or composting industry). Our Alumni can expect to be competent to carry out scientific research in biotechnology laboratories as well as to work at planning or consulting companies.




Application process for February intake (begining of Spring Semester) starts in November


International Students Office
room 233, Main Building of WUT
E-mail: students.cwm@pw.edu.pl
Webpage: www.students.pw.edu.pl
Phone: +48 22 234 50 91, fax: +48 22 234 57 77
It is usually easier to contact us via email




Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology

education requirements

Application fee: EU candidates 200 EUR, non-EU candidates 200 EUR
BSc diploma (or any other equivalent diploma)
Good knowledge of English (appropriate certification required) - B2 equivalent
High score in subjects of topical fields