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Study in Poland - programme

Познаньский технический университет

address: pl. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 5
60-965 Poznań, Poland
phone: +48 61 665 35 44
e-mail: study@put.poznan.pl    internet: www.put.poznan.pl

PhD in Chemical Technology






EU candidates - free of charge
Non EU candidates – 1700 EUR for 1 semester and 1500 for each following semester


middle of July


Faculty of Chemical Technology 60-965 Poznań, ul. Piotrowo 3 tel.: +48 61 665 23 52; fax: +48 61 665 28 52 e-mail: office_dctf@put.poznan.pl www.fct.put.poznan.pl




Faculty of Chemical Technology, Poznan University of Technology

education requirements

In order to apply for Ph.D. studies the candidate should send (study@put.poznan.pl) us copies of the following documents:
1. Master diploma – a photocopy – diploma of completing 2nd cycle studies.
NOTE! it should be legalized and translated by a sworn translator into English or Polish.
2. Transcript of Records for M.Sc. studies (supplement) containing courses passed by a candidate during the studies, in particular including lectures, auditorium classes, laboratory classes, seminar classes and project classes together with obtained grades.
3. Motivation letter, stating why the candidate has chosen the faculty concerned at PUT, and describing the candidate’s particular area of scientific interest within the chosen field.
4. English knowledge at the level B2. If the previous education was conducted in English the document will be recognized as proof of language proficiency.
It is also possible:
• to present an official certification e.g.: TOEFL, IELTS exam or,
• enroll in a one- semester language course at PUT.
5. Photocopy of a valid passport.
6. CV.
Poznan University of Technology holds the rights to award a Ph.D. degree in 16 academic fields within the following scientific areas: technology, chemistry, physics and economics, as well as to award a senior Ph.D. (habilitation) in 12 academic fields.
The documents provided by the candidate are then analyzed in search of an appropriate member of the academic staff (professor) who will take the role of scientific tutor, i.e. whose scientific interests are close to those of the candidate, who will co-operate with the future Ph.D. student and finally become the official supervisor of their Ph.D. thesis. Such tutor, interested in scientific cooperation, will contact the candidate, and finally decide about admitting (inviting) him/her to the recruitment process.