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Study in Poland - programme

Силезский университет в Катовице

address: Bankowa 12
40-007 Katowice, Poland
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MA in Pedagogy, specialisation: Resocialization with Intercultural Education




2 years (4 semesters)



ECTS points



The graduate of the programme is competent in the field of pedagogy, sociotherapy, education and organization, and interpersonal communication. Apart from being aware of the significance of resocialization, the student will gather deep knowledge of work organization, forms of work and management in resocialization, sociotherapeutic, diagnostic, guardian-educational, therapeutic, and other aid institutions.
The graduate of the programme has obtained detailed knowledge of historical and contemporary achievements in the field of educational, resocialization and sociotherapeutic work, as well as the knowledge of the theory and methodology of resocialization work and sociotherapy. The graduate understands the methods and principles of resocialization and psycho-pedagogical diagnosing of children and other groups needing support and has the ability to cooperate in interpersonal relations. The studies highlight also the importance of undertaking educational, therapeutic and intervention activities and provide with skills of conducting scientific research.
The classes will be conducted by practitioners and coaches who daily deal with the care and education of the young. Some classes will be carried out by distance learning with the application of e-learning materials.
Career opportunities:
The graduate of this specialization is equipped with reliable knowledge of resocialization pedagogy with the basics of intercultural education and with the skills of conducting scientific research, independent solving of theoretical and practical problems related to the specialization and the orientation towards pro-social activity and self-perfecting.
The graduate of the specialization of resocialization with intercultural education can be employed as:
• tutor in youth educational centres and youth sociotherapy centres (Journal of Acts, No 50, item 400),
• tutor in youth detention centres and juvenile shelters, (Journal of Acts, No 50, item 400),
• educationalist /educational counselor/ in schools, institutions of non-school education, institutions providing care and education for learners educated outside the place of their permanent residence,
• educationalist /educational counselor/ in psychological-pedagogical centres,
• tutor in school and environmental care centres,
• tutor in boarding schools,
• educationalist /educational counselor/ in diagnostic-consulting centres,
• worker of crisis intervention points and points of work with perpetrators and victims of crimes,
• educationalist /educational counselor/ in social prevention centres,
• tutor in guardian-educational institutions of various types,
• educationalist /educational counselor/, tutor, animator in government, non-government and commercial organizations, promoting socialization and organizing support for people from multicultural environments.
Moreover, the graduate possesses the required professional qualifications to apply for the position of court probation officer and of a tutor in a penitentiary unit (after fulfilling the remaining competition requirements specified by separate legal regulations).


EU/EFTA citizens applying on a regular basis – no tuition fee, 85 PLN – application fee;
Non-EU/EFTA citizens: 2 612 EUR per year + 100 EUR – application fee. July, 15th


July, 15th


International Students Admissions Office,




University of Silesia in Katowice

education requirements

Studies II degree in pedagogy are designed for people with an undergraduate degree in education or a college degree majoring in education with specialty: teaching.
The participants of the study may also be candidates other than the above-mentioned education higher education (undergraduate) from the area of social sciences or humanities. For these candidates expected extended program requirements that will be interested to pursue as paid educational service. An additional requirement is formally documented knowledge English language level B2.
A candidate applying for admission has the knowledge, skills and social competencies necessary to undertake educational studies second degree in this direction, in particular:
• Should know the basic knowledge of pedagogy as a science or field of art,
• Has graduated from an undergraduate programme;
• Has knowledge of the principles and ethical standards;
• Is able to observe, study and draw conclusions from the various areas of social activities and the humanities;
• Has skills in interpersonal communication;
• Can develop their professional skills in the field of knowledge, skills and social competencies;
• Knows the English language at the B2 level.
• Qualification is based on the average grade of the diploma and the course of higher education.
Rating diploma = weight of 50%
The average grade of the course of studies = weight of 50%

other requirements

The studies are meant for people who possess an undergraduate diploma (or graduate) in pedagogy which entitles to work in school, guardian, therapeutic and other educational institutions. In the case of lack of the candidate's pedagogical preparation, the need arises of supplementing these qualifications by completing the curricular differences.
The participants of the studies can also be candidates with other than the earlier mentioned undergraduate (BA) education in the field of social sciences if they complete the curricular differences in order to acquire general pedagogic qualifications.
The specialization curriculum is implemented in separate groups in the Polish and English language. Graduates finish the specialization in the language in which they acquired the teaching effects required for completing the studies in the course and specialization.
The participants of studies in the English language can be the candidates who will provide certification of their competence in English at the B2 level.