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Варшавська вища школа екології та управління

address: Olszewska 12, 00-792 Warszawa, Poland
phone: +48 22 875 30 21 +48 22 825 80 34
e-mail: rekrutacja@wseiz.pl    internet: www.wseiz.pl

BSc in Environmental Protection


Bachelor of Science in Engineering/ Bachelor of Science


3,5 years



ECTS points



The Environmental Protection is an interdisciplinary field of study, which combines training in the natural sciences with knowledge of management, economics, engineering, agricultural, forestry sciences and law. It prepares professionals skilled at programming, organising and controlling in the field of environmental protection at local, regional and national level.

Within this field of study we offer the following specialisations:
It prepares professionals with engineering competences in the field of environmental protection, which are most in demand in the labour market. The specialisation integrates the knowledge and skills in the field of: a. usage of renewable energy sources (biofuels, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy etc.); b. water protection, waste and water management; c. recycling, disposal and usage of residual waste. A wide range of competences allows graduates to be more mobile and effective in a rapidly changing labour market.
It prepares specialists with engineering and management competences in the field of: inventory and valorisation of natural resources, natural expertise, environmental impact reports, sustainable development programs of the regions, districts and communities; planning and management of Nature 2000 areas and other forms of environmental protection, environmental monitoring, implementation of normative environmental management systems; assessment of economic efficiency of the projects regarding environmental protection, planning out the activities in the field of landscaping and development of the areas of high nature values.
Studying the speciality Energy Efficiency, you can learn about:
– energy saving systems;
– projecting energy systems;
– energy economy and energy market;
– ecological balance;
– thermal insulation;
– ecological transport and several related fields.
You will learn how to carry out an energy audit (of companies, buildings and street lighting). Obligation of carrying out an energy audit arise from The Energy Efficiency Act and concerns every major company. Ability to carry out such an audit is desired in the labour market.
Key competences of graduates:
– ability to carry out an energy audit,
– using tools of environmental protection related to the knowledge energy management,
– knowledge of environmental policy, law and the economics. This specialty is addressed particularly to the people with higher education, Bachelor’s degree, interested in problems of energy management in company, municipality and the Landkreis, building or apartments.


Registration Fee 15 EUR
Entry Fee 85 EUR
Tuition Fee (per year) 3100 EUR


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University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw

education requirements

1. Register online
2. Make the payments (recruitment, entry and tuition fees, fee for issuing visa invitation letter-85 euro)
3. Send the scanned documents to admissions@wseiz.pl (including confirmation of payment, 1st page of the international passport, school certificate with Apostille)
4. Get the invitation to start the education (scan, by post)
5. Obtain visa