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Study in Poland - programme

Вроцлавський політехнічний університет

address: Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27,
50-370 Wrocław, Poland
phone: +48 71 320 37 11
+48 71 320 31 70
+48 71 320 37 19
+48 71 320 44 39
e-mail: admission@pwr.wroc.pl    internet: www.pwr.wroc.pl

MSc in Civil Engineering


Master of Science


1,5 years (3 semesters)



ECTS points



Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills connected with structure design, construction materials and technologies as well as static and dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, metal, wooden, ground and complex constructions. They learn how to use advanced computational models and modern IT solutions in civil engineering. In addition to participating in lectures, auditoriums, labs, seminars and projects students may also take part in student scientific groups and international exchanges. A number of courses can be selected by students depending on their interests and professional plans. At the end of the whole MSc study students write master thesis on a subject related to designing of engineering structures. The MSc diploma offers an opportunity to continue education at Ph.D. studies.
Job prospects
Graduates are prepared for:
  • solving complex design, organisation or technological problems,
  • authorization to independent design and construction in civil engineering,
  • developing and implementing research programmes,
  • carrying out job in international enterprises,
  • participation in marketing and promotion of construction products,
  • continuing education and participation in research in the fields which are directly related with construction and construction production,
  • continuous education and improving qualifications and extending knowledge,
  • team work and large team management.

  • Graduates are prepared to work in design offices and construction enterprises, scientific institutions and R&D centers, Institutions involved in building infrastructure management or dealing with counseling or dissemination of construction related knowledge.
    Programme coordinator: Jan Bień, PhD, DSc, Prof WrUT Faculty of Civil Engineering


    2000 EUR per semester Application fee:
    200 EUR for candidates applying on different terms than applicable to Polish citizens
    85 PLN for candidates applying on the same terms as applicable to Polish citizens


    July 15(October intake) November 30 (February intake)


    Admission Office
    Phone: +48 71 320 37 11,
    +48 71 320 31 70, +48 71 320 37 19,
    +48 71 320 44 39
    E-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl




    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

    education requirements

    Bachelor`s or Master's degree in: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Town Planning obtained either in Poland or Abroad
    English- minimum requirements: TOEFL – 550 points or IELTS – 6 points or equivalent as per the University requirements


    A student who obtained good results in the first year of study can get a scholarship for deserving in the following year.