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Study in Poland - programme

Варшавський університет природничих наук (SGGW)

address: ul. Nowoursynowska 166
02-787 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 593 10 25
e-mail: masterstudies@sggw.pl    internet: www.sggw.pl

Organic Agriculture and Food Production


first, BSc


6 semesters



ECTS points



Mission of the Study
The Faculty of Agriculture and Biology has the aim to offer the students a holistic and interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of organic agriculture and food production presented by the best specialists from different faculties of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW and from abroad.
The Aim of the Study
The BSc studies OAFP are constructed according to the expectations of potential employers within organic food production. The focus is on the innovative teaching methods activating students and preparing them for future employment. The studies will offer good possibilities to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in desired specialties. The alumni of OAFP can find jobs in organic food production, processing, trade and also in different companies connected with education, dissemination and advisory services.
A detailed programme of studies
The program is divided into six semesters. It consists of both lectures and practicals /workshops.
The detailed list of subjects is as follows:
• First year: Environment protection, Introduction to organic agriculture and husbandry, Chemistry, Basics of botany, Agrometeorology, Global food production, Informatics, Foreign language, Sustainable food production systems, Sustainable development of rural areas, Agroecology, Soil science, Microbiology of soils and plants, Animal physiology and organic nutrition, Basics of plant biochemistry and physiology, Study trip to organic farms, Food legislation or Agriculture law, Basics of human nutrition.
• Second Year: Cropping systems, Plant breeding and seed materials, Control and certification system of organic production, Plant protection management in organic agriculture, Plant nutrition in organic system, Agricultural technologies for organic farming, Food Microbiology, Organic raw materials, Study trip to organic farms, Organic grassland farming, Organic crops, Weeds and weed management in organic farming, Methodology of scientific research, Livestock production in organic farming, Organic vegetable and fruit production, Hazards for food safety.
• Third year: Diploma seminar, Mathematical statistic, Organization of organic farms or Markets and marketing of organic food, Conversion of the farm into organic system, Processing of organic plant raw materials, Food safety and hygiene, Ecological aspects of food and nutrition, Processing of organic animal raw materials, International agricultural markets, Herbs in organic farming, Entrepreneurship in organic business.


Edition of studies-starting in the academic year - 2019/20 is free of charges(no tuition fee) both for Polish nationals and non-nationals. Scholarships for non-nationals are not provided.


Recruitment calendar: http://www.sggw.pl/en/for-candidates/recruitment/1st-degree-studies/calendar-ndash-stationary
Commencement of studies: 1st of October


Office for Students' Affairs: rekrutacja@sggw.pl
Faculty coordinator: oafp@sggw.pl or oafp.wuls@gmail.com




Faculty of Agriculture and Biology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

education requirements

Qualification based on:
- the results of the maturity examination in biology or chemistry or mathematics;
- confirmed knowledge of English (certificate of English language at least level B2 or maturity exam in English language at an Advanced level with result at least 60%, or a document confirming completion of the high school with program in English as language of instruction); More information: http://www.sggw.pl/en/for-candidates/recruitment/1st-degree-studies/qualification-ndash-stationary