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Study in Poland - programme

Університет імені Л. Козьмінського

address: ul. Jagiellonska 57/59,
03-301 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 519 22 69
e-mail: admission@kozminski.edu.pl    internet: www.kozminski.edu.pl

Double Degree Master in Finance and Accounting Programs with international partners


2 Master level Degrees. Both From Kozminski University and the partner institution


4 semesters



ECTS points



In 2018, Kozminski University was ranked 17th in the world in the Global Masters in Finance Ranking published by "Financial Times". It is the only university ranked from Central and Eastern Europe.

During the course of study, students of the Master in Finance and Accounting Program have the opportunity to go on their second year to one of our partner universities for so-called double degree program, thanks to which they will receive not only the diploma of Kozminski University, but also from our partner university.

Double degree programs available on the Master in Finance and Accounting Program:
SKEMA Business School (https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/skema/)
ESSCA - School of Management (https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/essca/
University of Porto (https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/porto/)


Tuition per semester when paid in full: 11250 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2270 PLN
Admission fee: 100 PLN


EU citizens - 20 September, non-EU citizens - it is advised to apply before 1 August because of the visa process


Kozminski University
Address: ul. Jagiellońska 57/59,
03-301 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.+48 22 519 22 69
Fax: +48 22 519 23 09
E-mail: admission@kozminski.edu.pl,
Admission Coordinator: Dana Duda


Double Degree with SKEMA Business School (https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/skema/); Double Degree with ESSCA - School of Management (https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/essca/); Double Degree with University of Porto (https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/porto/)


Kozminski University + Partner University

education requirements

Holders of a bachelor diploma may apply for the Master programs. A certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners is required (unless the high school courses were taught in English).

other requirements

Admission for full-time and part-time Master programs at Kozminski University is based on 2 criteria: GPA on your previous studies and results of an online entry test. Maximum score is 100 points - 50 points for the test and 50 for GPA. Candidates who scored at least 60 points from both criteria will be qualified to the program.

The double degree programs in Finance and Accounting are available only to students of the standard Master in Finance and Accounting program. Students should apply in the first year of the standard program for the possibility to participate in the Double Degree.
The admission to the Double Degree programs is based on students GPA during studies at Kozminski University. Double Degree application may require submission of additional documents.