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Study in Poland - programme

Познанський державний економічний університет

Al. Niepodległości 10
building A, room 120A
61-875 Poznań, Poland
phone: +48 61 854 39 05
e-mail: bsa@ue.poznan.pl    internet: www.ue.poznan.pl

Doctoral Seminars in English




3 years (6 semesters) + 1 year non-obligatory




Doctoral Seminars in English at Poznan University of Economics is a programme designed for MSc or MA, Polish and foreign students interested in preparing a PhD thesis in English. The SEMINARS are addressed to students who are advancing or planning career in international environment. The DOCTORAL SEMINARS IN ENGLISH programme has two aims: first to educate students to become authorities in their fields. At the DOCTORAL SEMINARS IN ENGLISH we are training men and women who will be the next generation of political and business leaders. Secondly, the DSE provides rigorous training to prepare scholars of distinction whose published work and critiques will advance the practices and standards of contemporary academia. The DSE programme is designed to provide students with an opportunity for direct, close and interactive cooperation with their supervisors. The programme structure:
  • Lectures (22 hours)
  • Workshops 3 x 20 hours (topics, research methodology, presentation of the thesis etc.)
  • Summer schools 3 x 20 hours
  • Seminars – cooperation with supervisor (160 hours)


Foreigners: PLN equivalent of EUR 9000
Foreigners of Polish origin: PLN equivalent of EUR 6300
Application Fee: PLN equivalent of EUR 200


July 1


Poznań University of Economics Doctoral Seminars in English Address: Al. Niepodległości 10, 61-875 Poznań, Poland Phone: + 48 61 856 93 61 E-mail: dse@ue.poznan.pl www.ue.poznan.pl/dse




Poznan University of Economics

education requirements

• signed application form; • interview; • a copy of master diploma in Polish or English; • a short research proposal for future dissertation; • good knowledge of English.