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Study in Poland - programme

Вроцлавський університет природничих наук

address: ul. Norwida 25 50-375 Wrocław
phone: +48 71 320 10 75, +48 71 320 10 45
e-mail: enrollment@up.wroc.pl    internet: www.rekrutacja.up.wroc.pl/en

MSc in Veterinary Medicine


Master Uniform Studies


5,5 years



ECTS points



The course awarded with the EAEVE certificate attesting the highest standards of education in Europe assures the candidates of the best choice for veterinary course. Students while studying Veterinary Medicine obtain knowledge of the subjects belonging to the general and basic groups, which corresponds with general academic profile of education, then they have clinical subjects. The student takes the compulsory practice and clinical internships, through which he acquires practical skills used in veterinary profession. Conducting species oriented training, clinical internships and the opportunity to choose items from a group of elective subjects allow students to clarify and adjust the acquired knowledge and skills to the future practical profession. The theoretical knowledge in the field of veterinary science during the first four years of study provides a basis for practical training in the final years of study. Professional specialization can be continued during PhD studies, postgraduate studies and specialization courses for veterinarians.


17500 PLN/ semester


31st of August






The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

education requirements

Candidates for these studies have to possess a high level of knowledge on the subjects of: Chemistry, Biology and English. This needs to be proved by certificate or school reports. All of these documents should be original or certified by the eligible institution.