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Study in Poland - programme

Ченстоховський політехнічний університет

address: Dąbrowskiego 69
42-201 Częstochowa, Poland
phone: +48 34 325 04 02
e-mail: iso@adm.pcz.pl    internet: www.pcz.pl

MSc in Modelling and Simulation in Mechanics


Master of Science


3 semesters



ECTS points



Graduates of the Modelling and Simulation in Mechanics field of study will acquire thorough preparation in the area of mechanics, machine construction, the design, manufacture and operation of machines and production systems. Specializations in automotive engineering as well as thermal and automotive engineering will provide graduates with the basics in the construction of power tools and devices as well as motor vehicles; metrology in thermal engineering; diagnostics, durability, reliability, and design of power engineering systems and thermal power stations, including the issues of energy efficiency and machine dynamics. Construction and technology-related specializations will cover the subjects of modern technological methods and preparation for constructing and designing machines, devices and equipment with the use of computer techniques. Graduates will be prepared to work in research institutions, design and construction, and technology institutes, as well as to manage and develop the production in machine industries and related enterprises. Graduates of first-cycle studies (Bachelor of Science) who subsequently continue to the second-cycle (Master of Science) degree programme will possess the necessary foundations to pursue four-year postgraduate studies. After completing their doctoral thesis, they will be conferred the title of Doctor of Technology in the field of mechanics or machine construction and operation.


1920 EUR per academic year plus 85 PLN recruitment fee


31st of July (autumn semester), 31st of December (summer semester)


International Students Office
+48 34 325 04 92
+48 34 325 04 02




Czestochowa University of Technology

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