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Study in Poland - programme

Університет Миколая Коперника

address: вул. Гагаріна 11
87-100 Торунь, Польща
phone: +48 56 611 49 49
e-mail: studywithus@umk.pl    internet: https://www.umk.pl/kandydaci/cudzoziemcy/w-jezyku-polskim/

MA in English Studies


Master of Arts


2 years full-time or part-time



ECTS points



Graduate students can select one of the following programmes:

1. English Studies: Language–Culture–Literature
2. English Translation Studies
3. English Studies: Editing and Publishing

Each of the programmes offers unique specialisation courses which target latest developments in Anglophone mass media, culture, politics, literature and society (1), translation and interpreting skills and theory (2), and copy-editing, textual scholarship, digital and desktop publishing, and Anglophone book and magazine analysis (3). Apart from attending such programme-specific classes, students will also participate in language-study seminars (in literature, culture and linguistics), practical English courses, business English classes and translation laboratories. The three programmes are addressed to both Polish and non-Polish undergraduates. Each student can complete an additional separate programme (partly in Polish), which offers teaching qualifications valid in Polish schools (primary, secondary and high levels of education).
The English Studies programme (part-time, MA cycle) is an alternative form of studying for those who cannot attend classes on a regular week-day basis. The programme, including distance-learning components, offers a combination of practical English courses and language studies field-specific specialisation seminars and lectures (literature, culture, language teaching, and linguistics). All the subjects are taught in English. The programme is addressed to both Polish and non-Polish undergraduate students. On completion of the two-year-long study programme, the student will obtain an MA diploma and will have gained thorough knowledge and skills within specialisation fields. The graduate will have productive skills at C1+ level in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Skills, knowledge and social competence acquired will be an asset in such sectors as translation and interpreting, copy-editing, tourism, corporate services, public relations, marketing, advertising, business communication. The student will be able to continue English studies in the PhD programme.


7500 PLN/semester




Nicolaus Copernicus University
Department of International Cooperation
ul. Gagarina 11, 87-100 Toruń, Poland
e-mail: e-mail studywithncu@umk.pl
Contact person:
Mrs. Agata Wiśniewska
tel. (+48 56) 611 22 30 e-mail: a_wis@umk.pl
Mr. Pavlo Barskiy
tel. (+48 56) 611 22 30 e-mail: pavlobarskiy@umk.pl




Nicolaus Copernicus University

education requirements

BA, MA degree or equivalent and Certificate of English Language Proficiency