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Study in Poland - programme

Краківський науково-технічний університет ім. С. Сташица (AGH)

address: A. Mickiewicza Ave. 30
30-059 Krakow, Poland
phone: +48 12 617 50 92, +48 12 617 46 15
e-mail: international.students@agh.edu.pl    internet: www.international.agh.edu.pl

MSc in Materials Engineering: Modern Materials, Design, and Application




3 semesters – 1.5 years (including Master thesis writing)



ECTS points



The Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals offers a program with English as a teaching language for second-cycle studies at specialty Materials Science.
Name of studies: Modern materials design and application
Study level: second-cycle studies
Profile of education: general acadmic
Field of education: technical science
Duration of studies: 3 terms
Date of beginning of studies: academic year 2016/2017
Both, first and second term of studies, consists of three obligatory leading courses that end up with exams, and two courses finished with tests. In the last term, instead of leading courses, preparation of master thesis is included (20 ECTS), realized individually under supervision of a scientific advisor. Courses regarding humanistic and social sciences for total of 5 ECTS will be conducted during the second term. Completion of an technical English course will be held together with a Powder Metallurgy course that finishes with an exam. Generally, in the whole cycle student may choose courses for total of 28 ECTS.
Range of learning in the second-cycle studies includes courses on production and properties of composite materials, nanomaterials, powders, light alloys, biomaterials as well as modelling of structure and strength of plastically deformed materials and innovative processes of non-ferrous metals, extrusion of metals and electrochemistry in materials science.


Contact the Unit


Contact the Unit


Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals
DSc Joanna Karwan-Baczewska, Professor
Phone: 12 617 26 69
e-mail: jokaba@agh.edu.pl
Registration - please contact:
Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals
Agnieszka Oruba
Phone: 12 617 26 55
e-mail: aoruba@agh.edu.pl
Application Round




AGH University of Science and Technology

education requirements

On the specialty of modern materials will be recruited university graduates of any first-cycle studies (BSc) who meet the requirements of a qualification exam. Besides, a candidate should have knowledge of English language enabling the continuation of education in this language (at least B2 level). Foreign candidates will be recruited in accordance with the rules set out by AGH Centre for International