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address: ul. Narutowicza 68
90-136 Łódź, Польша
phone: +48 42 635 42 37
e-mail: iso@uni.lodz.pl    internet: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl

MA in Economics


MA in Economics


4 semesters (2 academic years)



ECTS points



The MSc Economics provides students with in-depth knowledge of the phenomena and problems of an economy at the micro- and macroeconomic scale. The program allows students to acquire skills useful in economic analysis and decision-making process. The studies consist of modules of economic subjects as well as non-economic fields relevant to the understanding of economic issues. Students acquire knowledge of economic theory, a practice of economic life and analytical methods used in research on the economy. Diploma holders will have acquired knowledge and competencies that allow finding interesting employment in the wide range of institution and the sphere of social life.
Three specialties are offered as part of the second-cycle program:
• Circular economy – this specialty allows students to acquire knowledge and skills related to understanding and implementation of sustainable development, as well as prepares them for work in environmental organizations;
• Advanced economic analysis – this specialty provides the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research and also teaches how to select and use the right tools for analyzing markets;
• International Business – the choice of this specialty allows students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills related to international business. The specialty particular focus on the international aspects of economics needed in today’s business world. It helps students to develop cultural sensitivity, as well as a critical understanding of the challenges of working and managing internationally.
A graduate can take up a job:
• as a specialist in industrial, commercial and service enterprises, and public administration (central and local),
• as a specialist in economic and management matters,
• as a financial and investment advisor, business analyst, sales and marketing specialist or economist,
• in non-profit organizations.
The graduates are also prepared to run a business independently.


For the updated tuition fees, please visit: http://iso.uni.lodz.pl/study-in-english/tuition-fees/


15 July 2019


The Faculty of Economics and Sociology
Institute of Economics: 90-255 Łódź, 3/5 POW Street
Phone:+48 42 635 51 61
E-mail: tomasz.czajkowski@uni.lodz.pl
In matters related to the admission procedure please contact:
International Students Office
University of Lodz
Address: ul. Uniwersytecka 3
90-137 Lodz, Poland
Phone: +48 42 635 42 37,
Fax: + 48 42 635 47 89
e-mail: admission@uni.lodz.pl www.iso.uni.lodz.pl




Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz

education requirements

The following documents are required (among others):
1. higher education (Bachelor) diploma or Master degree
2. transcript of records showing the subjects/grades
3. certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners (unless the first degree was taught in English).
For detailed information about the admission procedure please visit: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl