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Lodz University of Technology

Politechnika Łódzka

  address: 10/12 Skorupki Str.
90-924 Lodz, Poland
phone: +48 42 631 21 37
fax: +48 42 631 21 95
e-mail: foreignstudents@info.p.lodz.pl
internet: www.p.lodz.pl

Lodz University of Technology came into existence in 1945 and is situated in third biggest city of Poland. It is a dynamically evolving university with well-developed structure. Education and research is provided at nine faculties but there are many complimentary units functioning within the university. Nowadays TUL is one of the biggest and the best state universities in Poland. There are almost 20 000 students at the University.

Education. University has a strong tradition of engineering education and is well known all over the world for its achievements in research, science, education and international cooperation. TUL aims at being innovative university of local and international importance.

International Faculty of Engineering. TUL is the only university in Poland with so many well-organised study programmes taught in foreign languages. IFE is a unit of TUL offering programmes taught completely in English and in French, perfectly suited for students from abroad. The main objective of the Faculty is to educate professional engineers and managers, fluent in foreign languages, able to demonstrate their knowledge in science, engineering, technology, management and business. At present there are over 1200 students from Poland and abroad at the Faculty.

International cooperation. The academic staff of TUL put the major emphasis on internationalization of education and improving its quality. The cooperation of TUL with foreign universities, research centres and industry began with establishing the University. Nowadays University cooperates with over 500 academic centers from 51 countries.

Why Lodz University of Technology:

  • TUL is a holder of the prestigious quality certificates ECTS Label and Diploma Supplement Label which prove that the level of excellence in education is already very high and it continues to grow.
  • TUL has a strong position in university rankings – it is fourth most frequently chosen university by candidates as well as the fourth best technical university in Poland in 2016 according to the Ranking carried out by Study in Poland
  • International Doctoral School of Lodz University of Technology was awarded the LUMEN 2015 prize in the area of internationalization
  • TUL has introduced Design Thinking methodology (originating at Stanford University, USA) into its study programmes and is becoming a center for providing know-how in design thinking at local and international level
  • TUL is the most creative and innovative university in creating career perspectives for its graduates
  • TUL is mobility friendly having student exchange programs for Polish students as well as for foreigners
  • TUL promotes active student life – those with high doses of energy can vent it out by joining any of our sports sections, international student organisations and associations or student circles at TUL
  • TUL is getting ready for a new, one of the most modern sports facilities in Poland – Lodz Academic Sports and Teaching Centre
  • TUL provides accommodation in student dormitories – nine halls of residence provide accommodation and free Internet access to 3000 students. The student village also houses student organization offices, sports facilities, canteen, corner stores, port office, health care center, as well as a modern performance hall

Student life

Being a student does not require 24/7 studying. What you do after your lectures have finished is equally important. Lodz University of Technology welcomes active people and supports student initiative.

Our students enjoy relaxing in the world of arts and culture. Żak student radio station, which broadcasts around the clock at 88,8 MHz , is over 50 years old! This is the place where many now successful Polish journalists began their careers.

TUL’s Choir has indulged its fans for a slightly shorter time. Nevertheless, 40 years of continual stage presence is rather impressive. It is the best amateur choir in Poland.

TUL’s Academic Orchestra is its youngest musical child. Established in 2005, the Orchestra performs classical and popular music as well as film scores.

Annual Juwenalia is the biggest student event. A few days of unforgettable fun. A special event during the Juwenalia is Miss of Lodz University of Technology beauty pageant.

Those with high doses of energy can vent it out by joining any of the 31 sports sections of the Academic Sport Association of TUL. Swimming, track and field sports, martial arts, bridge and chess – whatever suits you best. Team games, paragliding and rock climbing sections have been among the most popular.

For those who want to travel the world, are curious about other cultures, want to make international contacts and gain precious experience, international student organisations and associations are the perfect place. The following organisations operate at TUL: the Board of European Students of Technology BEST, Erasmus Students Network, European Exchange Łódź ESN EYE, International Student Association of Economy and Trade – AIESEC, the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience – IAESTE.

There are almost 75 student circles at TUL. They are perfect places for students who have a passion for science and want to enrich their knowledge and understanding of an area of science. Nine halls of residence provide accommodation and free Internet access to 3000 students. The student village also houses student organization offices, sports facilities, canteen, corner stores, port office, health care centre, as well as a modern performance hall.

Facts & figures

  • Established in 1945
  • 1615 academic staff
  • 18 698 students (40% women)
  • Over 800 foreign students


Office of Education:
10/12 Skorupki Str., 90-924 Łódź, Poland
phone: +48 42 631 21 37
e-mail: foreignstudents@info.p.lodz.pl