MSc in Architecture


Area of Studies

architecture, urban and regional planning



Degree (in English)

Master of Science (Engineer, Architect)

  • English
Course Duration

1,5 years (3 semesters)

ECTS points



Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

Tuition and Other Fees

6 000 PLN per semester

Application Deadline(s)


Course Description

Course Profile

Courses cover a wide scope of issues from the architectural and urban theory and design, advanced structures and materials, conservation of monuments to urban renewal strategies. Diploma awarded after completion of the second degree studies are formally recognized (in accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC) as a proof of obtaining qualifications of an architect in the European Union.

Career opportunities

Graduates have the knowledge and skills in the fields of: architectural, urban and conservation design, spatial planning, history and theories of architecture, theory of urban design, fine arts, technical sciences, humanities, development of environment with taking into account the relationship between people and architectural objects and the surrounding space, social responsibility of design, solving functional, utility, construction, engineering and technological problems to a degree that provides safety and comfort in facilities, including persons with disabilities, application of law regulations and procedures concerning building and design process as well as economics and integration of projects with planning regulations in country and Member States of the European Union.

Graduates understand the role of an architect in society and impact of their work on the quality of built environment. Graduates are prepared to apply the principles of professional ethics, are competent in the application of knowledge in practice, can evaluate and formulate judgments as well as communicate with professional environment. They continue lifelong learning and understand the need for lifelong learning and adaptation of acquired skills to the market needs.

Graduates are prepared to: undertake creative activity in the field of architectural and urban design, acquire professional licenses as required by law, undertake independent functions in building market, designing and managing construction works in architecture branch, coordinate the work in multi-discipline project teams, manage urban and architectural studios, and to undertake research work.

Graduates are prepared to take up employment in: architectural and urban planning design studios, local and state government units, research institutions and canters of research, consulting companies. Graduates are prepared to continue their education on the third degree studies (Phd).


Education Requirements

Completed the fields of study in which a graduate receives the title of Eng. Arch., Bachelor’s Diploma or Bachelor's Degree Certificate Majoring in Architecture, after comparing the curriculum

Approved portfolio.


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