If you want something more than just a perfectly matched field of study, universities with years of tradition, reasonable costs of studying and living you have chosen the best option.

Gdańsk is the place for you!

Gdańsk is the biggest and oldest city in the north of Poland, the capital of the region and the leader of Gdańsk Metropolitan Area.

The city with its dense network of flights offers approx.50 domestic and international connections from Lech Walesa Airport Gdansk. Every year thousands of tourists come here from Poland and the whole world to visit the city and relax on beautiful, broad, sandy beaches. Gdańsk is known not only for its inspiring history. In its closest surroundings you can find wide forestlands, parks and scenic hills.  

Gdańsk  is also one of the most significant academic centres in the north of Poland. Among almost 500 thousand inhabitants over 80 thousand of them are students! The most representative groups of students from abroad come from:  Ukraine, Russia, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Belarus, Germany, Sweden and Italy. In Gdańsk you can find universities with dozens of years of academic tradition.

But Gdańsk is not only a perfect place to study. In your free time you will not get bored. The city has rich culture to offer. Every year many concerts, shows and festivals are held for thousands of young people. There is also something interesting for sport freaks. Running, sport events on the beach, surfing, sailing, horse and bike rides in Tricity Landscape Park or maybe a thrilling ride on a 200 metre zip line hung up 30 metres high inside the „amber” football stadium Stadion Energa Gdańsk?

Gdańsk offers everything you need. That is probably why many of our graduates decide to stay here for longer and settle down.

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If you are visiting Gdansk for the first time you should definitely see:

  • St. Mary’s Basilica – the largest red brick gothic church in the world
  • Neptune’s Fountain
  • The Crane located on the Motława River
  • Amber Museum
  • Westerplatte – the place where World War II began
  • Oliwa Cathedra– the longest church in Poland with its monumentaorgans
  • European Solidarity Centre with its famous Permanent Exhibition
  • Wisłoujście Fortress
  • PGE Arena Gdańsk footbal tadium – the largest „amber” in Gdańsk.

There are 6 big public universities in Gdańsk:

and 9 private universities.

Gdańsk. Your space for development:

  • located in the middle of Europe, easy to get to by air, ship, train, coach or car
  • great academic and science centre in Poland
  • the best place for living with a variety of attractions
  • wide choice of culturaevents
  • one of the largest workforce markets in Poland
  • with its metropolitan area Gdańsk offers approx. 150 thousand of enterprises and companies and over 3000 foreign investors
  • over 50 retaicentres and malls
  • settlement of BPO/SSC/ICT centres of over 30 leading internationacompanies
  • over 20 thousand specialists working in internationacompanies related to IT services and R&D centres
  • fast growing base for development of start-up’s in IT, biotechnology, pharmaceutics and other life-science sectors