The University of Szczecin

The University of Szczecin


The University of Szczecin

al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 22a

70-453 Szczecin, Poland

phone +48 91 444 10 00

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As the biggest higher education institution in West Pomerania, the University of Szczecin holds full rights of an autonomous university and fulfils all bill requirements. It is an academic centre focused on innovation, implementation of modern research and teaching solutions, breaking stereotypes and limitations in acquiring knowledge, and solving research problems.

With robust experience in educating students, the University of Szczecin analyses the labour market and develops modern and unique courses that enable students to get specialised knowledge and sought-after skills.

The University of Szczecin is increasingly attractive for foreigners coming to Poland besides international exchange programmes. The organisational and life possibilities created by the University of Szczecin bridge geographical barriers, thus creating new opportunities for the admission of foreign students.

Connected and networking

Over the last 35+ years of existence: thousands upon thousands of our graduates have joined the ranks of qualified staff both on the regional and international levels; we have implemented the Bologna Process and continuously develop relationships with numerous national and international education institutions; we have signed 476 agreements with around 200 universities within international and national student exchange programmes such as Erasmus+ and “MOST”; we have become part of NAWA programmes (the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) and are happy to invite both Polish and foreign students to study at our university.

Supportive of the community

The University of Szczecin’s programme offer and activities also support business and the community. Our University primarily looks to entrepreneurs and other entities whose activity determines the dynamics of development in the West Pomeranian region.

Inclusive of diversity

The University of Szczecin welcomes diversity and offers support to persons with disabilities in gaining higher education. Thanks to its system of support services (e.g. psychological and technological assistance) and their quality, the University is a leader among academic centres in the region and attracts the largest number of persons with disabilities.


Faculties of the University of Szczecin:

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management

Faculty of Law and Administration

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Health and Physical Education

Faculty of Theology



Friendly public space, riverside boulevards, outstanding cuisine and extraordinary architecture – all this builds the unique character of Szczecin, just waiting to be discovered.


3 European capitals at your fingertips. This is the perfect point for all the go-getters out there to start their journey.


Multiculturalism is our middle name! Szczecin welcomes all the newcomers with both an open heart and an open mind.


Szczecin is a city of cultural events – outdoor concerts, festivals, shows and galas are held all year round.


Surrounded by water and green spaces, with over 100 km of bicycle routes, equipped with the City Bike and rental scooters.


Facts & figures

    over 10 500 BA, MA and PhD students
    7 faculties
    93 degree programmes
    over 1000 academic teachers and professors
    117 student research groups
    19 sport disciplines
    4 student dormitories
    cooperation with 400 universities in Europe and beyond
    1,581 scholarships for a total amount of PLN 11.980 million
    cooperation with over 600 employers - internships, trainings, and workshops