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3 Harcerzy Września 1939 Street, 40-659 Katowice, Poland

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Join the student community of one of the oldest private universities in Poland. Katowice Business University (KBU) offers a wide range of study programs. The university provides education at the bachelor's, master's level, as well as postgraduate studies and doctoral seminars. Students can choose from 29 full-time and part-time fields of study in management, finance, psychology, medical sciences, and health sciences. We offer over 50 postgraduate programmes and numerous courses and training sessions, and we have the authority to confer doctoral degrees in management and quality science. Our educational offer is complemented by projects financed by the state budget and the European Union, enriching the university's profile.

Katowice Business University (KBU), known in Poland as Akademia Górnośląska im. W. Korfantego w Katowicach, focuses on educating students in the spirit of creativity, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills, while also adhering to ethical standards. Graduates are prepared for the challenges of the labour market, both in Poland and abroad, as evidenced by the 65,000 alumni.

KBU also stands out for its educational offerings also in Żory, Poland, and on the European market in Vienna, providing a unique opportunity for students wishing to gain knowledge in an international environment.

KBU’s study programmes are accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee. The university cooperates with many institutions in Poland and abroad, offering students international internships, ERASMUS+ academic exchanges, and scientific seminars. It is also the organizer of prestigious international industry conferences.

The academic staff consists of experienced business practitioners and scholars, providing students with access to current knowledge and real-life professional examples.

Students at Katowice Business University have the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships that support them in their pursuit of academic and personal goals. With this financial support, they can focus on learning and growing without worrying about the costs associated with education.

KBU students have the unique opportunity to participate in a rich academic life, including involvement in scientific clubs, participation in research projects, and access to various forms of support, such as the Careers Office or assistance for people with disabilities. Additionally, the University Sports Association, the largest unit of academic sports at KBU, is a key element of the student experience, offering a wide range of sports activities. Through various sports sections, international students have the chance to actively participate in sports life, develop their interests, and win awards at sports events, further integrating them with the local academic community.

The application process at KBU is transparent, and all necessary information is available on the university's website: www.kbu.edu.pl

Investment in modern teaching methods, support of scientific research and promotion of entrepreneurship are priorities in our activities. 

Plan your future with us, because it starts here at KBU!

Programmes of study in English

Bachelor in Management:

- International Business and Tourism

- Modern Business Management

- Psychology in Business

Bachelor in Tourism and Recreation:

- Business Tourism

- International Tourism

Bachelor in International Relations:

- International Business and Logistics Executive

- International Business and Communication

Bachelor in Management of an Accessible Organization:

- Accessibility and Inclusion in HR

- Accessibility and Inclusion in Digital Marketing

Master in Tourism and Recreation:

- Event Management

- Management in Sustainable Tourism

Master in Management:

- International Sales Management

- Management of Logistics Services

- Modern Communication in Business


Facts & figures

more than 30 years of experience l over 5000 students l over 65000 graduates l friendly for people with disabilities l 3 branches (Katowice, Żory, Vienna) l 60 partner universities (Erasmus+)