Lublin – the biggest academic centre in Eastern Poland

There are nine universities in Lublin (five public and four private universities). Both Polish and international students from all over the world study at each of these universities.
Huge academic potential makes Lublin a city of dynamic people, A large number of students makes Lublin a dynamic city of development and inspiration. Various research centers and technology companies confirm the high creative potential of the city.

Lublin’s beauty and its rich history attract not only young people but also artists looking for inspiration. Thanks to its theatres, art galleries, philharmonic, and museums, Lublin is the beehive of cultural life in this part of Poland that hosts many International Festivals each year. Caring for intellectual capital is very important for the development of the city. "Study in Lublin" is a project implemented
by the Lublin City Hall aiming to integrate the local academic community, encourage foreign students to study in the city and stimulate the multicultural exchange in the scientific environment.

The project also involves close cooperation of the local government, business and higher education institutions. Within its scope an online portal was made available at, providing information for foreigners on the offer of higher education institutions from Lublin and application procedures. It is available in four language versions: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Lublin is a city of young and dynamic people, open to the world

Each year, from early spring till late autumn, cultural life in Lublin thrives thanks to its theatres, galleries, student clubs and cafés, concerts and festivals. International theatre festivals, guitar festivals, International Days of Documentary Cinema “Crossroads of Europe”, Central Europe theatre Festival, “Neighbours”, International Competition for Young Violinists, and the International Folklore Festival, these are only some of the artistic events that attract many well-known artists to Lublin, which turn its streets into a truly multicultural place where many languages of the world are spoken.

Lublin’s alternative theatre is also thriving thanks to groups such as Scena Plastyczna KUL, the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” or “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre. Their unique projects have already won international acclaim. Also the student clubs, cabarets and theatres are very popular. Once a year, all the students of Lublin’s universities, take control of the city and the Student Culture Days begin.

Sport and leisure

Depending on the season and the weather, Lublin offers a number of unique attractions for all lovers of active leisure. Zemborzyce Artificial Lake, gives one the opportunity to enjoy leisure time by the lakeside, without much travelling time.  There is a swimming pool complex, with paddling pools, as well as playgrounds, for children. You can also sail. The nearby restaurant serves great food and thanks to a kayak rental store, you can go on a trip around Lublin by way of the Bystrzyca River.

Those who are interested in more extreme sports can try water skiing. Several bicycle lanes are waiting for fans of cycling. One of the lanes runs along Bystrzyca River and around the lake. In the city limits of Nałęczów, through Wąwolnica, to Kazimierz Dolny, there is also a 62 km-long cycling trail.

During winter, you can skate at the artificial skating rink or use the 250-meter ski lift.
There is also a smaller lift for beginner skiers, near the Globus Sports Hall. All the necessary equipment is available in the ski rental near the hall.

Science and Business

Scientific research as well as consulting and expert activities are connected mainly with the needs of the region, and they are largely of a general, universal nature. As a result, scientific publications, patents and protective rights are created. Many research teams closely cooperate with foreign and domestic centres (under bilateral agreements in many cases).
Universities actively support local industry innovations based on their scientific research potential. Successful cooperation between Lublin scientists and local companies and the possibility to apply the results of their joint research in production determines the growth rate of sectors such as biotechnology, pharmacy, information technologies or advanced services.

Lublin Airport

Modern Lublin is undergoing a makeover. new transport, road and technical infrastructure is being built. The international Lublin airport, situated 10 km from the center of Lublin, serves such destinations as: London, Dublin, Eindhoven, Oslo, Kyiv, Milan, Tel Aviv, Munich, Antwerpia, Burgas (Bulgaria), Antalya (Turkey) and Warsaw.


  • city of the young (every fourth Lublin inhabitant is a student)
  • Lublin is the biggest academic centre in eastern Poland – over 60 000 students
  • over 7 000 foreign students
  • over 200 fields of study
  • more than 60 university courses available in English
  • excellent study environment
  • simple recruiting process
  • good sport facilities
  • courses of Polish language
  • low costs of living
  • city located close to Western Ukraine
  • linked by air with major European cities
  • city with a unique and friendly atmosphere
  • city where long history intertwines with modern living
  • rich cultural life
  • Lublin’s inspiring character



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