Silesian University of Technology

Politechnika Śląska


ul. Akademicka 2A
44-100 Gliwice, Poland

phone +48 32 2371690


The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is a European research university based on respect for universal values and academic traditions, recognised in international rankings. In 2019 the university was awarded with a research university status and became 1 of 10 research universities in Poland. 

The University was established in 1945 as a scientific and educational facility for the most industrialised area in Poland, and one of the most industrialised in Europe. Today, it is a modern higher education public institution with nearly 80 years of tradition in teaching and research. It is a prestigious and widely recognised research university and a member of the European University Initiative consortium EURECA-PRO. 


SUT consists of fourteen faculties – ten in Gliwice, two in Zabrze and two in Katowice. The main seat of SUT is located in Gliwice, a charming, 800 years old city and important scientific, research and design centre in Poland. Gliwice has nearly 200,000 inhabitants and thanks to SUT it is the second (next to Warsaw) agglomeration of technical intelligence. During the last 20 years, Gliwice has transformed from a city based on heavy industry into a leader in new technologies.


SUT established close cooperation with its business environment. In the entire Upper Silesia, there are numerous companies and special economic zones, including the Katowice Special Economic Zone, with numerous enterprises operating in the fields of advanced technologies. SUT does it in order to reach its main objective, which is to train highly skilled engineering staff for the modern industry and to conduct and implement innovative research. The University also pays special attention to the development of entrepreneurship among its students. Every foreign student has the opportunity to apply for internship at one of many companies the University cooperates with.


SUT is home to a vibrant community of almost 1.600 of the best and brightest minds. We attract academics whose passion and brilliance drives them to become leaders in their field. Excellent teaching staff is one of the strongest assets of the University. The university offers studies at bachelor, master and doctoral level. Studies are conducted in a full -time and a part -time system. The majority of bachelor programmes are 3.5 years long (7 semesters) and master programmes are 1.5 years long (3 semesters) with the possibility of an extension.


Studies at SUT give ample opportunities to broaden your interests. During the academic year, the university is vibrant with activities inspired by Student Council and various student organizations, over 200 scientific associations and 20 different sport sections, such as: basketball, volleyball, cycling, handball, skiing, aerobics etc.

SUT is also a key player in new technologies. It is here, where new ideas are brought to life, and once applied by the industry they boost competitiveness of Polish and international companies.


For the best international students who decide to join our research university, SUT offers an opportunity of the pro-quality scholarship for the best international students of the Silesian University of Technology commencing their full-time studies of the first (bachelor) or second (master) cycle in a full course of study. 

Students may apply for this opportunity after they are successfully admitted to the university and become SUT students. They can only apply at the beginning of their first semester of education. 

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The Silesian University of Technology has been awarded the status of a research university in the first competition announced by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "Excellence Initiative - Research University". SUT also forms the European University EURECA-PRO together with 8 other universities from 7 countries, selected in the prestigious European Universities Initiative competition. In 2023, SUT won the Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award in the special category of the European University Alliances Members' Research Impact Leaders Award 2023, presented for activities under the European Universities Initiative programme. In addition, SUT is the highest ranked public university in Upper Silesia in the THE World University Rankings 2024 and THE Impact Rankings 2023, as well as 1st among universities in the Silesian Voivodeship and 6th among technical universities in Poland in the Perspektywy Higher Education Ranking 2023. It is also one of the leaders in European patent applications, ranking second in the country among all institutions in the EPO Patent Index 2022.


Facts & figures

  • established in 1945
  • graduates 200 000+
  • academic staff 1 600+
  • doctoral students 650+
  • students 15 000+