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Politechnika Opolska


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Opole University of Technology (OUTech) located in the beautiful city of Opole is an internationally oriented leading high-tech university, providing education mostly in technical sciences but also in the fields of logistics, economics, management, tourism, sport and physiotherapy. University serves about 5300 students representing over 20 nationalities. Its scientific and educational potential is built by high-class international academic and research staff. OUTech was established in 1966 and has 55 years of academic tradition.

Currently, we are among the fastest-growing universities in Poland, continuously adjusting our profile to the World Market economy. Thanks to the business-science network of contacts with the finest local companies our students get first-hand practical knowledge.

The University is composed of 6 faculties that ensure diversity and innovation in teaching and research:

• Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

• Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Informatics

• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

• Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics

• Faculty of Economics and Management

• Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy

Our international research development is based on strong collaboration with Opole Science and Technology Park. We also closely cooperate with local government and business encouraging international companies to open research centres in Opole. One of the efforts resulted in establishing in Opole the Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Lightweight Technologies in cooperation with Tower Automotive a leading global manufacturer.

In 2007, as a result of earlier cooperation with Beijing University of Technology – the University signed an agreement with HANBAN (Office of Chinese Language Council International) establishing the Confucius Institute in Opole considered as one of the most successful institutes in promoting Chinese and Polish economic cooperation. In addition, we are the first university in Central Europe that signed a collaborative agreement with China’s Chongqing Jiaotong University, in response to the “ONE BELT ONE ROAD” initiative. We regularly participate in education fairs and national educational missions abroad representing Polish technical universities and promoting education offer all over the world.

Our degree programs and courses in English are crucial for the internationalization of the University.  They are steered by a highly-dedicated international team of experts and academic professionals. Students of the Opole University of Technology study, discover and have fun. They create and join student research clubs, participate in networking events, international conferences and workshops as well as the annual Student Festival. They are offered a great chance to flourish and take full advantage of the opportunity to learn about European markets and cultures.


Facts & figures

Established in 1966

451 academic staff

145 professors

16 foreign researchers

5300 students

400 foreign students (including Erasmus+ students)

Confucius Institute

Erasmus+ programme with 164 universities


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