According to preliminary data, in the academic year 2016/17 there are 65,096 foreign students in Poland - including 62,054 full degree studies and 3042 within Erasmus + program. This represents an increase of 11.4% over the previous year (there were 57,119 foreign students at that time).

The internationalization factor (the share of foreigners in the total number of students) rose to 5.15% (in the previous year 4.07%). It should be noted that this increase is largely due to a decrease of 139,343 people compared to the previous year's total number of students in Poland - currently there are 1,264,451 students in Poland.

The main group of foreign students are Ukrainians - there are 34,834 (last year 30,589). They are currently 53.5% of the total number of foreigners studying in Poland.

Belarusians are on the second place - there are 5118 (last year there was 4615 students), which accounts for 7.9% of all foreign students in Poland.

Third place is a surprise! This year many students came to Poland from India. There are 2156 students from India in Poland, which is 2.4 times more than last year (there were only 896), which constitutes 3.3% of all foreigners at Polish universities.

Among the countries with over 1000 foreign students in Poland are Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Russia and Turkey.

Source: Education Foundation Perspektywy, based on data from POL-on system. Detailed data on foreign students in Poland will be available in the middle of the year.