MSc in Civil Engineering


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

master’s degree

  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters

ECTS points



Opole University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Tuition and Other Fees

1 500 euro/semester fee

85 PLN application fee

Application Deadline(s)

February/September 2023

Course Description

Course Profile

Graduate profile

The graduates of the programme receive basic education in the field of theory and practice of designing and erecting all kinds of buildings, civil and industrial structures, bridges, and geotechnical engineering objects. The study is practice-oriented, addressing reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel, masonry, and timber structures as well as geotechnics and building physics. During the time of study students individually prepare projects in the subject of civil and industrial structures, geotechnics, roads, and bridges. Projects are performed under the supervision of well-experienced teachers. The graduates can acquire building qualifications to design and control construction works after implementing vocational internships and passing an exam.

Prospective career

The graduates of the programme are prepared to work in construction companies, design studios, building materials industry, state and local government units related to construction and architecture, construction supervision, plants producing concrete, and prefabricated building elements.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree diploma with supplement

English level – B2+

Other Requirements

Eligibility statement;

Legalization / Apostille;

English language proficiency certificate


Opole University of Technology

International Relations Office

Małgorzata Nowicka-Zając

Coordinator for Promotion and International Admission

phone: + 48 77 449 85 08