J.Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, University College in Biała Podlaska

J.Piłsudski University of Physical education in Warsaw, University College in Biała Podlaska

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www www.awf-bp.edu.pl

Founded in 1969, Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, University Collage in Biała Podlaska (Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego Józefa Piłsudskiego w Warszawie, Filia w Białej Podlaskiej) is the only physical education university in the eastern part of Poland. Today the University is a modern and an integral part of the Polish and European system of education and is a well-recognized prestigious institution. It educates students and conducts numerous researches. Highly qualified teaching staff comprising of 126 academic teachers ensures the highest level of education.

Education. The University College in Biała Podlaska offers study programs that provide great development opportunities and meet the current demand on the labour market. The overriding goal of the University is to educate high-class specialists: physiotherapists, physical education teachers, cosmetologists, personal trainers, sports managers, tour guides. Students are professionally prepared to work with children, adults and the elderly, with athletes at all stages of their career, people with disabilities. AWF educates students from Poland as well as from abroad. A range of up-skilling extracurricular activities and courses are provided. The University is fully equipped with modern facilities such as lecture halls, professional laboratories and specialist laboratories. Our facilities host national and international sports events, mass events, sports camps, scientific conferences, and entertainment and cultural events.

Research. The University College in Biała Podlaska houses the Regional Center for Research and Development in which, with the help of well-equipped laboratories, employees and students conduct scientific research published in the best-indexed journals. Moreover, many National Teams of different sport use the modern equipment of the University to conduct research on players and prepare them for international arena performances.

International cooperation. One of the most popular and attractive forms of international cooperation is under Erasmus Program. These include exchange of students of higher education institutions, in order to take up studies and do internships, and exchange of staff for lecturing and training purposes.

Student life. Studying is not only a time of learning, but also a time to make new friends, gather experiences and experience unforgettable moments. Studies can turn out to be a great adventure if you join the activities initiated by our students or take part in events organized annually at our University. The Students Council works to ensure the correctness of teaching process, organize peer-help and adapt first-year students, take care of the high level of social and living conditions, as well as their cooperation with lecturers.

Filds of study in Polish:

- E-sport,

- Fizjoterapia,

- Kosmetologia,

- Sport- piłka nożna,

- Sport- sporty walki,

- Terapia zajęciowa,

- Trener personalny,

- Turystyka i rekreacja,

- Wychowanie fizyczne,

 - Wychowanie fizyczne w służbach mundurowych.