Sport, Master


Area of Studies

other areas of study



Degree (in English)

Master degree

  • English
  • Polish
Course Duration

2 years

ECTS points



Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Application Deadline(s)

March 30th for English programmes September 30th for Polish programmes

Course Description

Course Profile


- Coach,

- Trainer of motoric preparation,

- Personal trainer,

- Paralympic sport,

- Business in sport,

- Wellness in sport,

- Nutrition and supplementation in sport.

The ideal candidate

- is physically fit,

- is interested in issues in the field of sport,

- has predisposition to analytical and synthetic perception of reality in the field of physical culture.

Graduate of the first and second-cycle studies

- works as a sports coach or sports manager, in clubs, sports associations and state institutions responsible for sports,

- independently solves problems connected with organisation and conducting training,

- knows and can introduce principles of the motor preparation of sportsmen and sportswomen, 

- knows the principles governing sport and sport organisation, 

- is able to share knowledge and information.

Education Requirements

Admission based on the results of the secondary school leaving exam / final.

Recruitment based on the arithmetic mean of the grades from the course of studies and the final grade from the diploma of completing the 1st degree studies in any field.

If you passed secondary school leaving / final exams outside of Poland, check the conversion rate for documents issued abroad at (in Polish): link


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