Area of Studies

medical sciences



Degree (in English)

Master DMD

  • English
Course Duration

5 years

ECTS points



Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry

Tuition and Other Fees

59.000 PLN / year

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Course Description

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A few decades of tradition obliges. The Wroclaw Medical University rose from the ashes of a city brought down by the tragedy of World War II. But the foundation of our university did not consist of stone, but of people – outstanding scientists, mostly from Lviv, but also of German and Jewish descent. Here science and medicine was created by brilliant professors: Alzheimer, Bross, Mikulicz-Radecki, Baranowski and Hirszfeld, to name a few. They were the people who set directions for our development and it is their legacy, that we acquired. The post-war historyof our Alma Mater began in 1946. At first, we were merely a medical faculty on the University of Wroclaw combined with the local TechnicalUniversity. Four years later the faculty was transformed into the Medical Academy, which in 2012 was officially named the Wroclaw Medical University.
Remembering our tradition, today we are creating the future of our university and Polish medicine. The popularity of our fields of study, research projects carried out by students, and the accomplishments they achieve give us thousands of reasons to be proud. We would like to share all of them with You.

Education Requirements

According to our recruitment procedure there are no entrance exams or interviews at the Wroclaw Medical University. We have an open competition of grades. The results of the following subjects must be presented on the High School Diploma: Chemistry, Biology – mandatory, and Physics or Mathematics – one of them. Online Registration is obligatory.


Wroclaw Medical University
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Wroclaw Medical University


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