MSc in Agriculture


Area of Studies

agricultural sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters


University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Faculty: Agrobioengineering

Tuition and Other Fees

2400 EUR (for one year)

Application Deadline(s)

a) main admission from 1 March to 30 June, b) additional admission from 11 July to 15 September.

Course Description

Course Profile

Studies in the field of Agriculture provide a comprehensive education in this field, integrating knowledge from an extensive range that goes far beyond its stereotypical perception. Some of the issues that the learning programme includes are ecological agricultural production, renewable energy, the use of GPS systems, environmental protection.

Graduates of this Faculty obtain broadened knowledge of life sciences mainly in the field of plant production as well as technological and technical knowledge. They learn the methods of economic analysis, management and the principles of organizing economic activity. They have knowledge in the field of Ecology and Environmental Protection and humanistic knowledge in the field of Sociology, Ethics, Rural History and Agriculture. All these skills combined with the knowledge of research methodology, the use of operating systems and databases support, enables the graduates to work not only in the field of Agriculture, but also in many other branches of Economy and local Government Administration.

Education Requirements

1. Choose a programme of study (find a list of programmes on our website). 

2. Register in the ULSL Admission System on our website (registration will open on 1 March 2024)

– Every candidate is required to present a transcript of records – a grade sheet – showing the academic achievements at school (subjects, grades, credits). A secondary school transcript may be called “testimonial” in some countries. Candidate should include an explanation of how the grading system works in the country the certificate(s) come from (ie. which grades are the best, and which are the poorest) e.g. 6 – excellent, 5- very good, etc. The transcript of academic records should be legalized (or bear an Apostille). The secondary school transcript (if on a separate sheet) should also be legalized or have the Apostille.

– Please be aware that your certificates, diplomas, and transcripts, will have to bear the the stamp of legalization from the Polish Embassy of the country where the certificate, diploma or transcript was issued (except if the documents were issued in the country which is a part of the Hague Convention – then Apostille is needed). You may also be asked to provide an eligibility statement for your credentials, issued by appropriate educational authorities or consular office. Master degree course applicants have to submit their Bachelor diploma and Academic Transcript of Records (originals or copies authenticated by a notary public and, if applicable, a certified translation to English).

When you apply to Veterinary Medicine programme: Provide grade from the Certificate of Matriculation/Baccalaureate in the compulsory subject of biology and the subject of your choice in: chemistry, mathematics or physics. Knowledge of English must be confirmed by a certificate, e.g. FCE, CAE, TOEIC, TOEFL, TELC, if the secondary school education was conducted in a language other than English.

When you apply to other programmes: Provide grade from the Certificate of Matriculation/Baccalaureate in 2 subjects of your choice from the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, mathematics, IT, geography, social studies or physics (the list of subjects you can choose from may vary depending on the programme you have chosen). Knowledge of English must be confirmed by a certificate, e.g. FCE, CAE, TOEIC, TOEFL, TELC, if the secondary school education was conducted in a language other than English.

– Scan of the secondary school certificate authorizing the candidate to enter the university in the country of issuance.

– Scan/Copy of Passport (page with personal data, address and photo).

– Scan/Copy of certificate confirming knowledge of English language (minimum B2 level), if secondary school education is in other than English language.

– Health Certificate (available after the registration in the ULSL Admission System) confirming that candidate is eligible for the chosen programme. The documents must be submitted in English or translated into English by a sworn translator.

3. Pay the admission fee  (EUR 150). Each candidate has their own individual account number. 

4. Wait until the enrollment ends on 31 June 2024. If your status changes to “qualified”, we will send you documents confirming that you have been accepted.

If you do not receive your high school graduation documents, certificates etc. by 31 June 2024, you will be able to register and apply in second enrollmenttment round that will run until September 2024. 

Please note that your application will be considered only when you submit all the documents together with the proof of admission fee payment.

5. You will be informed via email about your application status.

6. Pay the tuition fee for one academic year (or one semester).

7. Wait for the documents that are necessary to apply for a Visa. – The Final Acceptance Letter – The Recommendation Letter to the Polish Embassy – The Certificate of Enrollment. 

8. You made it! Nice to see you as one of our students!

*   *   *

– Please, make sure that you have the originals of the required documents, because you will need to submit them after your arrival to Poland. 

– All documents submitted in a foreign language (other than English or Polish) must bear a certified English translation.

– In addition, within 30 days of admission (after your stay in Poland), student has to present an insurance policy or a European Health Insurance Card, or sign an insurance agreement with the National Health Fund.


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