PhD in Political and Administration Sciences


Area of Studies




Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 years (8 semesters)

ECTS points



Doctoral School at SGH

Tuition and Other Fees

No tuition

Course Description

Course Profile

An applicant entered into the admission procedure should be a holder of the professional title of magister, magister inżynier or its equivalent or of a diploma of completion of a first cycle programme or should hold a document confirming the completion of the third year of a long cycle graduate programme for persons stipulated in art. 186.2 of the PSWiN act (the act of 20 July 2018 - the Law on Higher Education and Science; Journal of Laws item 1668, as amended).

Education Requirements

Education in the Doctoral School shall last 8 semesters

The study curriculum in the Doctoral School shall include the following courses:

A. Common for all education programmes: the load of 74 obligatory hours::

1. Writing and publishing research articles

2. Researcher's workshop

3. Workshop on research methodology (adapted to the specificity of the discipline)

4. Philosophy of Science

5. Ethics in Science

6. Scientific seminar

B. Major (2 – 4 courses recommended)  (84 - 120  hours depending on the profile)
C. Support courses (62-64 hours – 90 hours depending on the profile)
D. Complementary courses (min. 2) (42 - 60 hours depending on the profile): 
E. Doctoral seminar, obligatory, the load of 60 hours

Total: 268 - 408 hours (depending on the profile)

Individual Research Plan (obligatory) (IPB) - prepared by the doctoral candidate in cooperation with the supervisor (supervisors) and the assistant supervisor, if appointed.

The Doctoral School shall educate high-class specialists for:

  • science, including higher education schools and scientific institutions,
  • business practice, in particular financial sector companies and institutions,
  • government and local government institutions, international organisations.

The participant of the Doctoral School, according to the selected study curriculum, shall gain advanced level knowledge of modern macroeconomics and microeconomics, management, finance, politics and administration, as well as current economic theories of enterprise and international economics.

A doctoral candidate shall acquire the skills of conducting independent research through learning about methodology, quantitative and qualitative methods in scientific research as well as of popularising research findings and shall develop the necessary social competences. Curricula for each of 4 doctoral programmes are defined.

Other Requirements

Applicant registration shall be conducted using the On-line School Registration System (ISR).

Admission to the Doctoral School shall involve two stages:

First admission stage: substantial analysis of the documents submitted by the applicant and a decision of qualification of the candidate for the second stage – with no candidate participation.

Second admission stage: a structured interview with the candidate.


Doctoral School Office

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
building M, room 35

ul. Madalińskiego 6/8

02-513 Warszawa


Wioleta Gajek

phone: 22 564 73 15, e-mail:  ​

Marzena Dobrzyńska

phone: 22 564 71 15, e-mail: