Bachelor in Philosophy


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Bachelor degree

  • English

Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Faculty of Humanities

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Compliant with the recruitment calendar at the university

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Philosophy insures attaining comprehensive fundamental knowledge in the canons of Philosophy.

The program contains specialized philosophical knowledge, imbedded and correlated with general humanities knowledge gained through specialized subjects and electives which represent varying branches and disciplines of the liberal arts. This liberal arts education is supplemented with a component of social science appropriate to the content of the learning outcomes which relate to the latter range of learning. The gained humanities and social science knowledge enables graduates not only to orient themselves with philosophical issues, but also understand the comtemporary world, the evolving civilizational changes, and comprehensively grasp cultural events identifying within political, economic, artistic, moral and social layers. The fulltime bachelor studies in Philosophy contain the following specializations:


         theoretical philosophy.

Education Requirements

Matura exam

Other Requirements

B2 level in English