BA in Music in public space


Area of Studies

art and design



Degree (in English)

1st Degree, Bachelor

  • English
Course Duration

6 semesters


Faculty of art /Music department

Tuition and Other Fees

6600 PLN for each year of studies

Application Deadline(s)

Compliant with the recruitment calendar at the university

Course Description

Course Profile

Music in public space, full-time

The primary goal of Music in public space study is to offer a course which ensures that its graduates acquire qualifications, knowledge, skills, and social and competences needed to undertake both an artistic and entrepreneurial activity in the broadly-understood public space, so as to animate musical life and support professional musicians in their public career. Studying Music in public space creates an opportunity for each student’s personal artistic development as well as for promoting their musical talents in public by means of projects and events of their own design. A crucial element of the program is raising students’ awareness of the need for and the significance of sustaining and (re-)creating musical life in society, which relies not only on identifying and understanding the target audience expectations, but also on arousing and influencing them in order to increase the need for high culture. Music in public space study aims at both helping students hone their musical craft and artistry, and develop their entrepreneurial career skills indispensable to thrive in the contemporary world.

Furthermore, the goal of the study is to enable the graduates to undertake artistic activities in the rapidly-changing social and cultural reality, and organize musical life in both big and small centers, the latter typically having limited access to first-class artistic events. The profile of the study aims at providing students with practical work experience during a practice period. The graduates will be eligible for employment in cultural centers,  institutions, and offices. The bachelor of arts degree earned in the Music in public space program entitles the graduates to pursue further education in second-degree (postgraduate) studies. 

Education Requirements

Applicants are expected to demonstrate a good ear for music and their musicianship, as well as their skills of playing a musical instrument/instruments of their own choice or singing ability, if they wish to pursue vocal specialization.

grade from the secondary school matura exam (secondary school certificate) in the native language -10%

Other Requirements

Exam at the university

candidate's auditory aptitude test - 50%

presentation of a varied program on a selected instrument or a vocal performance - 40 %