B.Sc. program in Architecture


Area of Studies

architecture, urban and regional planning



Degree (in English)

Bachelor of Science (Engineer)

  • English
Course Duration

4 years (8 semesters)

ECTS points



Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

Admission fee: 150 PLN

Tuition fee:
5700 PLN / first semester
4700 PLN /per each following semester

Application Deadline(s)


Course Description

Course Profile

The 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Program at the Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology aims to propagate creative independent thinking and develop the capability to skillfully construct and significantly improve the built environment. Recognized internationally as a center of innovation, and renowned nationally as a locus of many contemporary architectural practices, Poznan is one of the most livable urban environments in Poland. Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology is committed to teaching and researching the disciplines of Architectural Science, Design Technologies, and Urban Design Planning, History of Urban Planning and Architecture. Wide range of themes are covered in lectures, fieldworks and studios, where the aim is to bring together knowledge, methodology theory and high levels of professional skills within the framework of projects. Our teaching and research are inspired by three priorities: • Exploring the poetics of material, scale, proportion in relation to historical and cultural heritage; • Debating urban issues, ecology and impasses of city dwelling; • Encouraging community engagement and the application of creative and professional practices. Our mission is to equip undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge, abilities, and resources they need to successfully compete in global professional market in the field Architecture.

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