Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology


Area of Studies

natural sciences



Degree (in English)

Bachelor of Engineering BEng

  • English
Course Duration

7 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

Tuition and Other Fees

5 000 PLN / semester

Application Deadline(s)

Date of commencement of studies: October Recruitment calendar:

Course Description

Course Profile

Aim of the program

Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field of study, combining knowledge of life sciences and engineering, aiming to use the living organisms in product development, testing and manufacturing. In addition to general topics students can focus on plants, animals and microorganisms- biotechnology giving them practical and theoretical knowledge. Our aim is to provide a solid foundation for future careers in food and pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, plant breeding companies, research institutions and many others. We put special attention on cutting edge topics including bioinformatics, genomics, nanobiotechnology and genetic engineering. Graduates will be able to plan and run the biotechnological experiments and processes, generate, interpret and report high quality biological data, evaluate the use or particular methods and devices.

Main mandatory subjects: 

1 Year

General and physical chemistry, Botany, Animal anatomy, Mathematics, Physics and biophysics, Information technologies, Organic chemistry, Cell Biology, Animal histology, Ecology, Design thinkin

2 Year

General genetics, Biochemistry, General microbiology, Plant physiology, Animal physiology, Physiology of microorganisms, Engineering of biotechnological processes, Molecular biology, Basics of genetics and animal breeding, Enzymology and Biochemical technics, General virology.

3 Year

Genetic engineering, Basics of bioinformatics, Design and development of technological lines, Biotechnological methods in environmental protection, Physiomics, Immunology, Cell and tissue cultures, Industrial biotechnology, Social and legal aspects of biotechnology, Statistics.

4 Year

Chemical safety, Seminar, Graduation workshop, Professional practice.

1-4 Years

Each year there is a variety of facultative subjects covering specific biotechnology related topics.

Internship, practice

 Student is obliged to complete practice (160h/4 weeks).

Career prospects

- Pharmaceutical industry;

- Crop improvement companies;

- Clinical research;

- Food industry;

- Diagnostics laboratories;

- R&D institutions;

- Public administration related to above mentioned.

Education Requirements

Entry requirements:

- the results of the maturity examination in biology and chemistry or mathematics or physics,

- confirmed knowledge of English (certificate of English language at least level B2 or maturity exam in English language at an Advanced level with result at least 60%, or a document confirming completion of the high school with programme in English as language of instruction).


Student Affairs Office:

Faculty Coordinator:

dr inż. Magdalena Pawełkowicz