MSc in Agronomy


Area of Studies

agricultural sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 semesters (full-time)

ECTS points



Faculty of Agronomy, Horticulture and Bioengineering

Tuition and Other Fees

4200 EUR (1100 EUR per 1st, 2nd, 3rd semester and 900 EUR per 4th semester) + Enrollment fee (65 EUR for non-EU candidates and 85 PLN for EU candidates and NAWA scholarship holders)

Application Deadline(s)

May 31, 2023

Course Description

Course Profile

Master`s Degree Programme in Agronomy is addressed to candidates holding BSc degrees in a discipline related to the content of the programme. The programme of studies consists of compulsory subjects:

crop management, data processing and experimental design, sustainable crop plants fertilization, economic and legal aspects of the company`s activities, biotechnology in modern agriculture, plant breeding, instrumental analysis, soil biology and chemistry, diagnostics of plant nutritional disorders, integrated pest management, biomass production and management, crop protection;

and facultative subjects with being part of a specialization selected individually by each student:

1. Module I – biomass and bioenergy, seed grain quality, drying and storage, crop irrigation, crop technologies, forage plant cultivation on arable land,

2. Module II – weed biology and control, principles of breeding for resistance, plant disease epidemiology, physiological foundations for plant resistance to pathogens and pests,

3. Module II – sustainable systems of crops fertilizing, diagnostics of crop plants nutritional disorders, nutrient management,

4. Module III – non-fodder utilization of grasses and grass communities, grassland management, grassland phytochemistry, optimization of forage production on grassland, biodiversity of agricultural ecosystems, forage seed production

5. Module IV – ecology of microorganisms, plant tissue and cell culture, genetic engineering, microbiology of natural environment, microbiology of plant and animal products

Obligatory subjects comprise about 35% of the programme of studies, and the rest are selected from specialization subjects.

The Faculty of Agronomy, Horticulture and Bioengineering is the oldest faculty at Poznań University of Life Sciences, with over 100 years of history. The combination of experience and advanced techniques and technologies both in research and teaching practice set assets of the University. The Faculty has highly qualified personnel and excellent teaching and research facilities, including experimental stations.

The Master’s studies programme comprises over 1535 hours of lectures, laboratory classes, seminars, field trips and inspections, e.g. visits at pesticide manufacturing plants both in Poland and other EU countries. The programme is focused on broadly understood issues connected with agriculture in various management systems (conventional farming, organic farming, sustainability farming). The curriculum is based on a module system* making it possible to intensify and rationalize the teaching and learning system. Interdisciplinary studies include the latest advances in theory and practice in the field of Agronomy and Agriculture, making it possible for our graduates to acquire skills and qualifications needed to work within the broadly understood agricultural sector, particularly plant breeding and seed production, plant protection against agrophages, renewable energy sources or plant nutrition.

Graduate agronomists have many career paths, but their careers are generally focused on increasing the quality and amount of food produced for the nation`s food supply. They can be teachers, agricultural business consultants or researchers, they might work on farms or in agricultural labs and mills.

The graduates will be required to write a Master’s thesis and pass the examination.

Main modules


Methodology of agricultural experiments,

Environmental management,

Instrumental analyses,

Education Requirements

BSc in:

Agriculture Sciences

Agricultural Biotechnology

Animal Sciences

Agricultural Engineering 




Other Requirements

Please note: these are full-time studies and students are required to attend lectures at the University campus.


Poznań University of Life Sciences

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Poznań University of Life Sciences


Poznań University of Life Sciences

28 Wojska Polskiego St.

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