MSc in Environmental Quality Management


Area of Studies

natural sciences



Degree (in English)

Master of Science

  • English
Course Duration

1,5 years (3 semesters)

ECTS points



Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

2000 EUR per semester Application fee:
200 EUR for candidates applying on different terms than applicable to Polish citizens
85 PLN for candidates applying on the same terms as applicable to Polish citizens

Application Deadline(s)

July 15 October Intake, 30 November February Intake

Course Description

Course Profile
The EQM graduates will obtain knowledge in environmental engineering and experience in environment protection technology. They will be prepared for solving problems in sustainable development and technology. They will be able to play the role of the leader of the team and to organize and run research debates. They will acquire the experience necessary for professional career at research units, industry and at universities or colleges. They will gain substantial international experience and will be acquainted with the circumstances and the environment of the prestigious laboratories. They will possess well above standard skills in communication (English, French).
Programme coordinator: Prof. Wojciech Adamski
Faculty of Environmental Engineering
Education Requirements
Bechalor degree in either of the following: Environmental Protection, Environmental Engineering,Chemistry, Earth Sciences
English- minimum requirements: TOEFL – 550 points or IELTS – 6 points or equivalent as per the University requirements


Admission Office
Phone: +48 71 320 37 11
+48 71 320 31 70,
+48 71 320 37 19,
+48 71 320 44 39


A student who obtained good results in the first year of study can get a scholarship for deserving in the following year.